Aet never been to sea?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by matt93, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. Hi guys i have a freind who is a PO and says he has never been to sea once in his entire career in the RN!how and why is this possible?His job is a AET but im sure every AET goes out on ops at least once to gain their certs?thoughts?
  2. Nice one, sign of good drafting

    I did 11 years 11 months in one stretch

    In fact I never went to sea as a Killick :)
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  3. thats some going aint it! did you not want to go to sea or is it you get what you get given sort of thing?I thought they had a draft process called top mast? or has that be scrapped?
  4. I know a Chief MA who's never been to sea in over 20 years.

    Plenty of Ops, chest full of medals, just never on a ship
  5. Matt, ops and quals have nothing much to do with each other. As an AET you will need to pass QM (qualified to maintain) and QS (qualified to service) aircraft before you would get deployed on most aircraft types. If an AET is bright and gets pulled to go to LH course, or whatever the training course they push someone through to end up as a full sup these days, (LAETs can be full sup), then one could end up a POAET after 5 yrs, with little to no sea time. Junglies (CDO sqns) sometimes are frontline with no ships, but dont rule out zoomies and SS flights which can also go places sans war canoe. Drafty has a sense of humour.
  6. I did front line time during this period on the harrier trials unit, spent a lot of time away, but not on a pussers grey.

    Was topmast just a fishead thing?
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  7. What a hero, this PO should be held in awe by ALL real woos.
    A man after my own heart, he should be awarded the Gold:love4:en Clicky Bed
  8. My old DO on the RFAs was a Chief WAFU coming up to his 22.

    As a 4 year AB I'd done more sea time than him.

    I'd also been to 36 more countries than him, had better dits and tattoos than him and now earn considerably more money than him.

    ****ing fish 'eads eh?
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  9. On the flip side, our old & bold SMR and the young just-got-his-buttons CPO(M) were comparing notes and it turned out that the SMR had done much more sea time.

    Kept us amused for... oh... minutes.
  10. Wasn't unusual when I was in 1967 - 1992. I had a CPO on the Albion in 71, first sea draft. Then several more SR's after that. A combination of good drafts and canny course applications.
  11. And Charlie Wines Waspie lol !!^^
  12. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I know quite a few on the CHF circuit who have never been to sea. They have plenty of time in former Yugoslavia, Iraq & Afghanistan under there belts.
    It all depends on where you go as a draft as I also know a few who has only had ship company drafts and workshops. They have very little actual aircraft knowledge.

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  13. I was just under the impression that every one goes to sea at least once, me personaly cant wait to rack up some miles, ive just changed from WS to CIS. so i now have to wait another 8 months from now... it will all be worth it! who will be working on the new F 35's, i know it will be the AET's. is it currently being coverd in their training or willit be the more experianced lot?
  14. Chief Greeny on 848 Sqdn 67 Albion. First ship and had been in 27 years.
    mind you as most Woo,s will point out, nowhere in my rating does it say Seaman.......... Airman, Air, AET, Yes. Just saying. Lol
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  15. I know of a Chief woo with only 6 months sea time under his belt. Sea pay is the same as an AB2
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  16. Will there be a likely hood of more Woo's getitng deployed due to the new HMS QE?
  17. Bigger ship with ship company of 900 odd (at the mo may get less) and a total of 1600 when woo's embarked what do you reckon?
  18. I reckon so haha
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For AET, most joiners are surprised to learn the average wait before serving at sea, is around 5 years.
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  20. I think most Wafus are more relieved than surprised NS:clap:
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