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Joining as an AET in march, has the maths course changed much since this subject was last touched on and has anyone/know someone that has done this course recently and able to give feedback? Also are you taught coursework in a classroom format or sent away with work to learn by yourself, thanks?


First Raleigh, all I can say is just play the game, do what ever your told, put the work in and it’s easy.

Move onto Sultan I completed the course in 2017, you get broken into it easily for the first few weeks, learning the very basics of aircraft, and then you’ll go into generic systems on the aircraft, be prepared for long days in the classroom at 764 which is the training squadron, a duty kilick instructor will be on duty every night if you need help with anything. Some weeks you’ll have 2 exams a week, but on average it’s probably an exam a week, maybe every other. Expect when you get a few months in and you’re mid exam season, to be up for breakfast at 7, over at the engineering school at 8-11:30 break for lunch 12:30-5, break for dinner then back to your mess or back over to the squadron to revise till 9/10 and repeat till you pass QX. You’ll also complete px2 which on average takes students 4/5 hours maybe to complete on your own oral exam board with a senior from the exam cell, so get used to speaking infront of people.

Then you’ll pass QX, move onto Yeovilton or culdrose, then a further 6 months, of training, with completing you task book with focus on, on the job training, with a QM at the end of that 6 months focusing on flight servicing and competency of the aircraft.


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Thanks AET100, that’s a brilliant insight.

Do you get told all of the information about how to choose which aircraft to specialise in? I’m assuming that determines where you get drafted to?
Never used anything they taught me when in service but I suppose its part of the civilian qualifications route.

However recently had to dust off the Binary and Hex code brain cells for a task at work.


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Pity it doesn't work on a PC/laptop/tablet/iPhone* or did you post twice as it's binary?

*Delete as a applicable :rolleyes:;)
For some reason the 'post reply' button didn't work first time.

But I like your explanation!!
(Can convert on my phone - downloaded an app!)
Do you still work with aircraft now?
Currently the Field service manager looking after the Dutch Air Force Hercs, I'm seconded from the Tech Support Team until a Dutch national can be recruited.

I do the day to day stuff that our contract requires:

Supply Management

Control of 3rd party suppliers/partners

Tech advice on all aspects of the aircraft.

Working in the Netherlands 3 days a week at the moment.

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