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AET Job Description


Schoolboy, ive asked all these questions before mate. If you look at, 'More info on AET please' in this forum some of your questions will be answered.

Basically you do start on 12K but that is just for basic and phase 2 training at sultan. so about 8 months, then it goes up to just over 14k. If you go fast-track i think you can get to PO within 5 years or maybe a bit less by then you should be looking at taking home just under 30k i think.

Im self employed at the mo but take home a good wage.So im taking a big paycut to join up. But for me the lifestyle and job security at this time of my life are v.important to me.

Think it will take some hard work to get commisioned within 6-8 years. Think 12-15 might be a bit more realistic. maybe someone in the know could enlighten us?


Lantern Swinger
As for hands on as an AEO get yourself an appointment as a a workshops officer, then you will have all the time in the world and expert advice on how, to stick a Citroen diesel in a VW camper, or build yourself a Westfield, refurbish a boat, learn about compsites, milling turning, welding.
As an AET you are likely to be Flight servicing and cleaning as alot of the indepth stuff is now done by support teams, whether civvies or RN.

get yourself throug raleigh and into the wafu world. if is still your desire then get your CW papers raised asap. try to keep your fast track status by being a good boy and passing all your exams at Sultan and you will be back on LAET course in under two years. Still with the programme then you will come back 18 months after completion of LAET course for POAET. this course is accredited with Kingston University at FD level in Aero engineering and if possible you should be able to jump forward several steps by accreditation. pass this and if still hanging in there off you got to Portsmouth Uni for the final year - BSC - WARDROOM _ PINK GIN for you shipmate. hope to see you middle of 2007 at sultan


Lantern Swinger
for me my advice is to look at the officer selection. you say about you lack of leadership skills and believe me there are plenty officers that lack leadership skills (and ratings also before the grunters slate me) but you will never know unless you try and you might also regret not trying. i wish i had but i am to old now. dont just think about tomorrow but also the future, PENSION!!! i know its years away for you but why not get the best you can. me as an ex AEM now mech your degree will be wasted. esp as an AET as believe me you will spend most of you life on a squardon sat in the line marshalling in the wind and rain whilst you AEO is sat in his/her nice warm office making decisions


hi schoolboy,

going in march 07, im off to raleigh next week, 11th feb then if all goes well to sultan to do my professional training.

Maybe see you there. good luck with everything mate


Have you thought of a career with a Civil Aerospace Company? You'll get plenty of hands on work and you won't have to clean toilets or have someone shine a torch in your eyes at daft oclock in the morning and say "Sorry mate wrong bunk"...



Having just finished my first complement job as a junior AEO in the Lynx circuit, I'd have to say that most of the pinky/greeny fault diagnosis that goes on ashore consists of rolling the infamous chicken bones and/or seeing what is available through stores!

But seriously, the Forward/Depth concept is that user units should diagnose which Line Replacement Unit (LRU) the fault lies in and simply return the duff one through stores. The black art lies in deciding which box to choose, something which stems from good systems engineering knowledge rather than circuit board / component level knowledge. Your knowledge of computer systems etc would doubtless prove useful in the more "modern" Merlin and SK7 fleet though...

As far as CW goes, there is an age cut-off for UY, which you might be hard pushed to make. SUY is the next option and would see you going to Portsmouth uni for one yr only to top off your degree (see previous posts) but you need to tick various boxes to be eligible, including (i think) 2 yrs seniority as a PO, so even allowing for fast-track status, it could be 7 or 8 yrs before you are eligible and even then there are only about 6 - 8 per year selected as SUY(AE). On the bright side, imagine going back to uni for a yr paid as a PO/CPO!

My gut feeling would be that you might be best trying to wangle something about getting your BSc topped up as a civvy before applying to join as an AEO. Miles less work and you still get to tinker with cars in your spare time, without some grumpy person shouting at you to hurry up (although my better half fulfils this role too).

Hope there's some useful bits in amongst the drivel.
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