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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jonny700, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. First post here, done a lot of research on the forum which was very hepful!

    I have revised the return of service (2.5 years I believe?), what's involved with training and current operations such as cougar etc, future plans for the RN, and where I could end up working as an AET and so on.

    My interview is tomorrow, so does anyone have any last minute areas they suggest I brush up on?

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  2. Welcome, Jonny.

    Check out how much your salary will be.

    Which kind of aircraft will you be working on?

    Which bases/ships? What are the new carriers called and which are the aircraft which will be flying from them.
  3. Theory of flight would be a good start, what a Flap/Aeleron/rudder/Tail rotor/main rotor does?
  4. No problem for the pinkies and greenies, those parts only cause loads of work for the grubbers.:laughing7:
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  5. Rates of pay, your training pipeline and possible roles and postings can help. Shows you ha the sense to go digging for information. Know some things about the aircraft you might end up working with and how they work etc. all stuff that the folks above have mentioned. Navy news may be a good thing to read too as alongside the RN website it may give you something to talk about. By the way... A few name examples of ships within classes would do. Don't need to remember the names of the entire fleet.

    Guessing its _along the lines of the new interview format?

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  6. Thanks for the quick feedback.

    One last question, are we expected to know everything about the trade we are choosing? Because its quite a broad subject to revise - although doing my best! Also regarding which potential ships I may serve on as a AET, from research done I could serve on frigates, destroyers, Royal Naval air stations etc, Do I need to be more specific e.g learn the actual ships names or is stating I could serve on frigates, destroyers etc okay?
  7. As well as the trade specific questions that have been mentioned, portray that you have a rough idea of what is expected of you at training and what kinda things you will be doing. I got asked what i was most looking forward to at raleigh and what i was most nervous about; and what swimming test i would face. Remember it isn't to try and catch you out, but just to ensure that you have a good grasp of the training and your role, and understand the challneges you will face and that you can handle them.
  8. I was also asked "when are you allowed to leave training" - i.e. if you decide that it is not for you, when can you walk away before you are committed.

    I screwed that one up miserably, as I had no idea. But worked my way around it by saying that the thought had not even crossed my mind, as I had no intention of not joining, blah blah blah...
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  9. Yes, knowing ones TACOS is always a good idea. Cunning cover up however.
  10. Maybe in your day grandad, fly by wire these days! :)
  11. You grubbers really know how to upset we pinkies:eek:mg:
    What about our early chops?
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  12. I was a pinky :) until I cross dressed into Greenie/Bombhead/Chockhead/C in C shitty Jobs
  13. redmonkey

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    Not on proper cabs. To waspie, pinkies and grubbers are only there to find the target and have something to bolt the WL bits to.

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  14. Well Sh1t happens:cuddle:
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  15. The immortal Sea King was fly by wire!! :binky:

    The wires ran all the way from the broom cupboard to the tail rotor. If you gave them a good pull, you could get the pilots to declare an emergency!!!!!!
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  16. I passed :) thanks for all the help!

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