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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by zRichi, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi Aircraft gentlemen & ladies

    Can someone help me prep up for my interview for the 9th March?

    I've never done engineering before but have tinkered with cars enough and I've been working as a white collar professional for a Business College for the last 4 years. Can someone point give info as to what I should mention in the interview. What the interview will be like and what stuff I can drop to impress.

    On a forum called "military forums" I managed to get talking to a guy that had been working on the Lynx copter for the last few years and I've had a bit of a look through the aircraft section but can't find anything interview related.

    Much appreciated for your answers
  2. There's some stuff on this forum, and there should be some stuff on the letter you received with your date.

    Think about your family circumstances, work experience, fitness routines and why you want to join the navy. I'm also going for AET (with my interview next month) and I've been looking at the RN website at the aircraft and what not. I'm expecting them to ask which aircraft I'd like to be drafted to.
  3. Thanks yeah I've been checking out the Navy website for Aircraft and I expect they'll want us to match up Aircraft to Carriers.

    So far I've found out theres 4 main Aircraft


    I've yet to match them up to Aircraft carriers though. Although after speaking to a serving AET I think Lynx is what I'll go for.

    Whatever anyone can contribute that'd be great then maybe this could get stickied for any budding AET's or something.
  4. When you say "carriers" do you mean ships?

    Because they're not necessarily a/c carriers, but frigates and other ships as well.

    Harriers are based at RAF Cottesmore and go from carriers.

    Merlin are at RNAS Culdrose
    Lynx are at RNAS Yeovilton
    There are a few variations of the sea king that I cba looking up right now.
  5. It was a very long time ago I was interviewed for NAM, pre AET.

    They didn't expect me to be able to describe the wiring diagrams of service aircraft for example. I was required to show them I had a mechanical aptitude. This I did by simply explaining I serviced my own push bike. (I was 15 y.o. way too young for cars). I also stripped down my parents record player, and re-assembled it I must add.

    I am sure that if you explain you work on your car, be knowledgeable about military aircraft in general you will do fine.

    Big secret with interviews. Don't waffle. If you don't know, say so. You will do what they say in military parlance 'dig a hole for yourself'. Which verbally you will find difficult to climb out of. Be honest and sincere with your answers and you'll be fine.
  6. Exactly. Do as he said and you'll be more than enough prepared.

    If you're interested in Lynx then make sure you know about it specifically, the information is easilly accessible through the internet - ie where you'll train/ go, what you'll do, and why it is those specific things about the Lynx that you're drawn to, over say, the Merlin which may also be be sent on the back of a small ship - and is the first aircraft on the Daring (which ofcourse you'll have a glance through the ships, and what new ones we're getting etc for brownie points :) )

    You're right with the aircraft you've said, but they can be broken down a little more - we have harriers (where are they operated, by who?), lynx, merlin and sea kings (how many types, where are they based, what are their different roles?).

    Also look into where the Navy are at the minutes, specifically the FAA and where you could be and when, but also be knowledgable (though you don't have to be able to recite every ship) in what other capabilities we have, as an entire Navy - subs/ ships-wise, which is where you'd then go onto the new carriers/ type-45's/ subs, for example.

    You don't have to have to have an encyclopedic knowledge to pass, but you'll need to show you're a well-rounded applicant that can look at the bigger picture.

    Anything more specific be sure to ask/ personal message me.

    -djmm :)
  7. i had some rm sergeant point at the posters on the walls and get me to identify each aircraft and what is primary role is. oh and when you get to plymouth station , dont call the p.o sir. good luck guys!
  8. Bit of a bone question coming up.

    I'm preparing for my interview, and primarily look at the aircraft I'd be interested in being drafted to. I'd love Harriers-then again, I bet most do- but I know that they're based at RAF Cottesmore. How many RN AETs get streamed towards Harriers?

    Secondly, does anyone know whether the RN will get its own F-35s? Or will it be the same deal as the JFH? Or is it still undecided?
  9. Pass on the first question

    Yes on the second question. The FAA will be getting their own batch of F35s, as a replacement of the GR7/9s.

    They will go nicely with the new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers due to come into service between 2014 - 2016 (but dont count on that! ha!).
  10. Changes week to week, a new class comes to Sultan every 2 weeks with approx. 15-18 people in it; some classes have 10 people wanting Harrier, some (mine) had 3. The 3 people in my entry got Harrier (as did everyone else get their first choice - rare!) and there were a total of 6 people required within that drafting (two classes get sent at once - ie the two classes next to each other on the course) so 3 from the other class got it too.

    No idea if that's average, below or above, though I'm lead to believe that the average is roughly (VERY roughly, don't take it as gospel) 3 people per class get Cott-Witt.

    -djmm :)
  11. Thanks for the response, djmm.

    Do the 2 classes always get sent together or is it rare?
  12. Yeah that's normal - the draftings are done on a monthly basis (drafty contacts someone (ETS I think) at Seahawk, Heron and Witt) and they give him how many people they need to fill spots for 2B the next month (manning requirements per squadron) - which he allocates as best he can (rollsa dice to pick a name and another for where they go).

    As there are two classes at Sultan (they join bi-weekly) then they both get put in the same drafting.

    -djmm :)
  14. The job itself? No idea - I'm just wrapping up Phase 2A, haven't done "the job" yet. Have a good idea what it involves though (I did before I joined, having been in the RN before and doing a lot of research and asking a lot of people).

    The training, however, is a kick in the balls: most -if not all- join up with the intention/ impression they're going to get fast-tracked from 2A, but aren't willing to put the effort in required to get it. I'm not stupid (I have an HNC in Aeronautical Engineering and went to uni for a year), but I still have to put a lot of time and effort in to attain the marks required for it, unless ofcourse you have a photographic memory - in which case you'll be sorted.

    Bi-weekly means fortnightly. 2 new classes join ITG (recently changed to 764 Sqn, ITS) at Sultan every month.

    -djmm :)
  15. When you say fast tracked do you mean skip/do the training at a more intense pace?

    Wouldn't that be bi-monthly as in...Split month? :/

    Nevermind. I googled it. Sorry >_>

    What's ITG?

    Sorry for the bone questions. Thanks for taking the time :)
  16. If you do well enough while at Sultan (it's mentioned in recruiting leaflets), and jump through the hoops required, you can get accelerated promotion to POAET. Figures change depending on who you speak to - though they tend to run between 4.5 and 5.5 years, opposed to potentially (although not necessarilly) 10.5 years or the rest of your career before getting back on your PO's courses.

    The pace is a lot faster and there's a lot to learn in a short amount of time, and they expect you to do a lot more work: having met the requirements to get selected you have to keep a journal throughout your training, even whilst at your air station - of which some may be technical based, general naval matters, or whatever else they feel appropriate. But hey, it's got to be worth it - they wouldn't run it otherwise... Or would they? I'm sure I'll find out soon enough! :)

    No worries, it's my way of procrastinating - really ought to be doing revision for my final exam (Qx - Qualifying Exam, the culmination of your 6 months at Sultan).

    Inital Training Group. Now Inital Training Squadron, 764 Squadron (where you'll do your Phase 2A training, on Sultan).

  17. not quoting as it's long...

    That's a damn long wait[10.5 years]. Do you sign up for that or is it based on merit?

    I'm sure there's probably a reason they run that the recruits/trainees don't know :lol:

    heh, you should probably be revising for that then :D

    One last bone question. In your interview, did you get asked what aircraft you'd like? (incidentally, have you been given one yet? If so, do you mind me asking what it is?)
  19. You don't sign up for 10 years, no, but you'll find out more about all the return of service/ sign up time/ pension/ half-time cash-incentives, whe nyou get in if you join.

    Promotion is based on merit, yes - which is why the timescales are only very rough - someone could be promoted, without fast-track, in much much less time if they prove to be capable. There are far too many factors to take into consideration to try to post - but you'll find out in time.

    The reason we have fast-track is simple: the RN are short of POAET's and need them as quick as they can get them - which is great for the lads who want promotion, as they can get there quick, and also good for the Navy as they get people in the positions required. CPOAET's, is a slightly different story though....

    Yep, I'm off to Harrier at Wittering on my birthday - end of April after going snowboarding with Sultan during Easter leave. During my interview, I may have been asked - can't remember. I certainly knew what I'd like and had looked into where I'd go/ what I'd do so could answer had I been asked. My interview was somewhat different to what others go through though - but I won't go into that.

    Look up as much as you can and just be honest if they ask you and you'll be fine.

    I don't even know what that is - but it has 694 on it, not 764?? I have no idea what was at Lossie (RAF??), but isn't that the way that squadrons are numbered - look at the Typhoon operating from No. 3 Squadron, Coningsby (sorry, I looked into joining the RAF ( :oops: ) - so I'm more clued up on their squadrons than the FAA except ofcourse those applicable to where I'm going to be... RAF Witt/ Cott :roll: ): Typhoon isn't the first aircraft to operate from No. 3 Squadron, RAF - indeed, if you wikipedia it you'll find a long list of former aircraft to operate from it. I assume the FAA uses the same sporadic (sorry, I mean controlled...) means of assigning squadron numbers as the RAF?? :wink: :)

  20. You complete Dipstick of the highest order :oops: That is a hunter of FAA sqdn 764 based at Hms Fulmar Lossiemouth call sign 694 :oops: :oops: please dont tell me your going to be a woo :roll: FFS YOU CNUT :oops: go to the Raleigh dream team with your oppos :evil: Did you notice the Lossiemouth id on its tail?? LM. The Gannet behind has BY id on its tail?? Try to work that one out POIROT :evil:

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