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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by matt277, Feb 15, 2015.

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  1. Hey do Air engineering technicians in the navy get trained to the same standard as aircraft engineers in the army? When I went on army selection they mentioned about offering fast promotion and higher band pay as civilian aircraft companies would try to get there engineers to work for them. They also said you would be able to study for a BEng (Hons) in Aircraft Engineering. Does the navy offer similar qualifications?
  2. In the navy you get a foundation degree when you reach PO. Also, during phase 2 there is a fast track option to reach leading hand earlier. The pay is higher in the navy.
  3. Thanks do you mean AET are on a higher band pay than other trades in the navy by this?
  4. no, i mean they get slightly higher than the army in general.
  5. Do you not get trained in fixed wing aircrafts anymore? As I have heard the navy no longer has any of these.
  6. If one of my AET's started a sentence with Hey the back of the hangar would be getting a visit!!

    It's the Royal Navy not an episode of friends.

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  7. I see you've researched the Fleet Air Arm well :rolleyes:
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  8. JFH
    Times have changed, you are no longer allowed to take your Sherpa to the back of the hanger to point out the error of his ways:)
    mind most of my Sherpa's were bigger than me anyway:(
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  9. Only ever lost it once in the hangar. Spent 2 hours loading the software into a sea Harrier radar and just before it was done a PT4 AEM hit the emergency off button on the power supply. We were running two aircraft off it and he wanted to turn his aircraft off (there was a button for each aircraft and one emergency button).

    It was late on a Friday evening, he never got a early chop that night!!! And his ffing ears were bleeding.

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  10. I used to refer to ALL my lads as Sherpa's, no offence was meant and none was ever taken.
    Don't suppose that it would be allowed today:(
    In my eyes the Sherpa was almost as good as a Ghurka
  11. On the Lynx circuit a while back they had a load of RAF types (nowhere else to send them). They were known as Crabs Under Naval Training (S)

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