Aet Help


Hello, i have a few questions about the trade AET i was wondering if anyone could help me out with the answers.

1) What Are the chances of getting employment after navy life As an AET, is employement scarce or is there lots of it and is it true there are opportunities to work all over the world with this trade. Also what jobs and job titles should you be looking to apply for?

2) I have seen jobs For Air Engineering Tech but it says you need a license to apply (B1 or B2) apparantly, would you get these qualifications from the navy.

3) Do you get to chose what aircraft you work on and do you get to pick wether you specialise in avionics or mechanical and if so when?

Thanks and look forward to any help and advice
I am old school, joined up as a Tiff back in the days when we were valued as such. As far as answers to your questions.....

1. It is too early in the life of AET's to figure out what jobs will be around after service. As far as Tiffs go, I know people that work for QinetiQ, Westlands, doing project management etc.

2. You will not earn CAA Liscences whilst in the RN unless you do them as part of your EVT's (funded exams prior to leaving the service.

3. We, as a class, got given numbers of personnel required at Yeovilton, Culdrose and Portland (ex). Not sure how that works now, but I believe that there is some say in what trade you decide to go.

Hope this helps, sketchy as it is!

Good Luck.