Aet Help and advice Please


Hello, i am currently going through the navy recruitment process and i am thinking about joining as an AET. I would just like to ask a few questions to the people who do the job and can answer me.

Firstly, at the moment i am doing a manufacturing Engineering apprenticeship and will complete it in june, the job is very very repetative and mind numbing as i make the same things everyday, i am wondering is the work of an Aet very repative as mine is now,

Also i am very interested in electrical engineering and i am wondering if Aet is best trade to learn this, and if not which is? I have also considered submarine service as i have family who live near by, what is the maximum time at sea and is it true aboard a submarine you get more responsibilties and learn the trade quicker? i also want to know which career would be best to secure a well paid career in engineering after the navy(such as aircraft work or offshore oil rigwork),

All in all i would just like to know which would be the best trade for me to do, i am looking for one that is different everyday and involves repair, fixing things and problem solving as this is what i believe i enjoy.

Sorry for the long post and i eagearly await any replies and advice.


no 1 able to help then? Any one who is an aet give me some info , what hours do you work do you work weekends? is the work varied? where would i be based as an aet?

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