AET Helicopter choice.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by LiamK118, Jul 15, 2014.

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  1. Hi, I am joining the RN as an AET. At some point I believe I get to 'choose' which helicopter I would like to work on.

    Are there certain helicopters that spend more time at sea than others?

    Also any other tips/advice for this position would be appreciated.

    Thanks :)
  2. We are getting shiney new fast jets that are going to need air gods to fix. Set you sights higher young un, you could even be drafted to the states

    You could also get a draft to the new carrier as AED, so what you work on to get QM/QS might not necessarily be what you stay on.

    I worked on 5 different aircraft types (about 10 different marks) so don't worry, anyway no matter what you put the navy will send you where they need you
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  3. Not sure about the 'young un' anymore, but very interesting! I was under the impression that I was only able to choose from the heli's? I would LOVE to work on a fast jet! When are the fast jets due to be comissioned? I would like to spend as much time at sea as possible... Cheers for the input :)
  4. As I said, you can only request it when you get in and past phase 1 & 2. Get you QM/QS out of the way and see what happens
  5. Thanks :) How long do the phase 1/2 take? AFCO mentioned 2 years but I could have that confused with a million other things they mentioned.
  6. Not sure I finished my time 6 years ago, times have changed. Maybe Ninja will have more info or do a search.

    Sorry mate busy keeping one of our international air forces flying at the moment
  7. Thanks for your help!! :)
  8. Unless things have changed immensely since my demise from the world of Woo's. Individuals don't 'choose' they can request drafts, i.e. locations to work then the RN in its ultimate wisdom sends individuals to where the service requires them.

    Or is one actually allowed to 'choose' ones preference of aircraft to work upon in the modern RN/FAA of today?
  9. Depends if you know the drafting Wren
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  10. Nice to hear some things have remained the same then!!!!!^^
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  11. I'll show my age now, I always thought keeping in with the wren telephonists was a good move as was the MT wrens.

    Tels to get you that outside line to call a cab. And the MT wrens when the telephonists fell through!!!!
  12. Apparently I get to voice my preference of which aircraft I would like to work on. As for location I have no say on that matter. Just unsure as to which aircraft to 'choose'. I would like to spend as much time at sea as possible so are there certain aircraft that spend more time at sea/on deployment than others?
  13. So it's still your preference, you don't actually choose.

    Bottom line is you still go where the requirement is irrespective of what the individual would like to do!

    Serious question.

    Why the fixation to work on aircraft AND go to sea?

    I joined to work on aircraft, going to sea never came into my plan at all. In fact the visiting foreign parts on one HM's war canoes was advantageous but never a want to! If going to sea had of been MY priority I would have joined one of the general service branches.

    If going to sea is what you really want, being an AET may prove disappointing. It could be up to five years before you see ships grey paint. After your basic training including trade training. A front line squadron draft will follow training then you have to qualify on an aircraft, (QM) then qualify to sign for the work you carry out on aircraft, (QS). Learn all about they various systems to a very high degree. THEN, you will probably get notice of a front line tour some months ahead if not a year. Start training on new aircraft type - serve on a second line squadron of the type of aircraft you will be doing your front line, (sea service), time on. Once that has been completed, and when your trade chiefs etc think your ready to join the fleet, then and only then will you get to sea proper! (About five years from joining)

    Hope that hasn't put the dampeners on any thing - but that is there reality of being a WAFU AET.

    Phew! knackered now, sit down and a brew called for!!!
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  14. I would suggest the following if you want to go to sea (warning, I'm full of red wine and probably talking more bolleaux than usual):

    1. Pingers or AEW
    2. Lynx
    3. F35 (when they get in service properly, as opposed to sitting on a Crab station when they first get to the UK)
    4. Jungly
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  15. You'll do QM/QS on a training/second line squadron. If you change aircraft type after this then you just need to re QM, or FSQC if you go to a RN/crab squadron, and redo this every year until you reach supervisor level.

    Looks like the F35 will be crab led so as with JFH the jets will be onboard at the very last minute and disembarking as soon as the fuel load will make it back to home base.
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