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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Zoidberg, Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. Anyone had any experience with it?

    If so:

    A) Is it worth it in your opinion?

    B) Was it difficult to do?

    C) How did it interfere with your course and social life?

    If you know anyone who's done it and been promoted, do you think it was a good thing for them to do?

    It's something I'm considering doing if I get a high enough score in my next exam. And yes, I know the whole "talk to youd DO" thing is coming, but from what I can gather they try to push the fast track thing.
  2. It's probably changes somewhat since my time but if it means getting your hook faster then it can only be a good thing. yes it will mean a bit more work but your hook means money, money means more booze and more fanny. :oops: Go for it :p
  4. I have recently spoken to a serving LAet and asked the same question.. Seems you are selected for it in phase 2a based on whether your tutors think you have a academic ability and leadership skills for the higher ranks and responsibility's. He told me that as long as you work your bollocks off and make sure your bosses know exactly what your aspirations are (I.e Please boss pick me, pick me), you could get selected. Once selected its a case of achieving somewhere around 90% passes in the exams and completing a journal of sorts whilst still maintining and demonstrating good charactor/leadership skills/attitude throughout your trade training.

    All in all it gets you to LH about 1-1.1/5 years quicker than normal (I.e vs someone who has completed thier taskbooks promtly and been granted permish by his co) theoretically it could see you to poaet withing 6 years of raleigh. Not bad if you have some brains and maturity, its just a case of you get as much out of the RN as you put in.

  5. From my experience as a senior rate on a front line sqn working with fast tracks I recommend pursuing it. However, I have found a lot of the fast tracks leave Sultan with the attitude that it is a forgone that they will be selected. Don;t get me wrong, most of them are good, but not as good as they are made to believe by Sultan. In some rare cases I've known AET's lose their fast track and CW within 6 months of hitting the real world! Mainly because of their own immaturity and the false hopes given to them by the training environment.

    Points to bear in mind for when you hit a real sqn,
    Is that in you will be expected to be as good and proactive as the best non fast tracks, at least.
    Just because you have been recommended by your previous unit, doesn't oblige your next to continue to do so.
    keep badgering your sups for work, you learn jack shit in the crew room.
    If you are motivated, mature and a good engineer then you will sucede regardless of wether your a fast track or not, in the current climate anyone who is half decent is getting promoted.

    Good luck regardless
  6. EDIT Quote PIRAN :roll: :roll: " keep badgering your sups for work, you learn jack shit in the crew room" The Pinkys at Lossiemouth would beg to differ, on your last Chiefy :lol: :lol:
  7. I presume in the good old "Lossie" days there was about 3 million Pinkies per watch!! :D

    Scouse, was the world in colour, did you all walk really fast and wear a hat?
    Was there always somebody playing a piano in the background? :D :D

    Piran is correct, the vast majority seem to think fast track in a God given right and do tend to hang around the crewroom studying "Nuts", "Zoo" FHM etc.
  8. We didn't have a piano, but all pinkies were proficient at table football a game played with two pennies and one half penny. The pennies were driven by a comb.
    We were in colour and didn't walk really fast except when given an early chop. As for work we left that to the grubbers and greenies.
    Only the bombheads had a better number than the pinkies.
  9. Scouse

    That's a brilliant photo - I do like that.
  10. Fast track AET. Is the modern version of the 'Super SAM' I guess???????
  11. Similar to SSM(E) of old?
  12. For Zoidberg (and anyone else who is curious):
    I'm provisional fast-track at the moment in phase 2b.
    It's not REALLY that much extra to do - journal entry (about yourself), take a maths exam, and sit a board, comprising of questions on the RN, what we do and where, who's who, engineering questions, on topics studied during phase 2a, and topics that aren't. In addition to this, maintaining a course average > 90%, which is achievable if you put the time in, i've done all the above.
    Now I have to maintain 90% average in my Lynx Mechanical, Electrical, and Radio module tests. In the coming months, write two more journal entries, one Lynx specific, and one of the AEO's choosing, 4500 words I think, haven't been set them yet. Then at the end of phase 2b, give a presentation on, again, a topic of the AEO's deciding, in front of whoever decides to turn up.
    The journals show you can handle the written word, the maths shows you can find ¾% of ¥50 over £3, the board assesses your conversation and ability to apply knowledge. Maintaining 90% average shows you have an ability to learn, whilst presentations prove that you can speak publicly and have confidence.
    There are mixed figures from various people about how much quicker it gets you promoted, on paper you are told that at the 5 year mark you shall be on PO course. LH within a year of completing phase 2b.
    My fast-track status remains provisional until my name is picked out of a pot of names, fast-tracks and non fast-tracks, the picking is based on your performance, write ups etc.
    The main reason I went for it is because I'm determined to not miss a single opportunity in my career, even if I didn't get fast tracked, at least I attempted.
    Hope this helps Zoidberg, good luck.
  13. Cheers for that mate. One question though: compared to the rest of the course, how hard did you find "L" systems?

    From what I gather if Ican get 90% on this exam (I'll find out next week), I should be able to maintain that for all of them, but if I'm wrong about that then I'm going to wait for "R" systems results.
  14. Go for it Tim, best of luck.
  15. if you can get on the fast track course, i would do it.
    i left end of may and got average of 92% , was told you could pick it up at phase 2b but this isn't true.
    its all down to how much effort you want to put in bud. if you want to learn how to do the job, fast track!
    if you want to be able to do your job, stick at it and you will be on signal in soon enough time
  16. It can be done, my brother did it and is still on fast track.

    He joined almost five years ago, averaged over 90% in all the exams and is due to go on his PO's course at the end of this year.

    It seems to me like an awful lot of work, but definately worth it!
  17. Top avatar shippers!! Nil Satis Nisi Optimum :D

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