AET F-35b training?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Jake.M, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. Just a quick question, when do you think they will start the training for 'wafus' to service and maintain the new jets?

    Reason i ask is i was quoted 18 months back in march for a place at raleigh, i was just wondering if i would get the chance to train as an AET on F-35b's

    Thanks in advance for your replies
  2. Not for a very long time, say 2016:frown: and you being a nozzer grubber, if all goes to well in the recruitment process:D will be at the back of the queue,when volunteering,to go over the pond!! Ps it is Aircrew first, grouncrew later:sad3:
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2012
  3. Scouse we were lucky.................we were amongst the first to be trained on the Buccaneer when it came into service.

    Did I say trained?........................led astray more likely by those young 20 and 21 year old PO tiffs, must admit we didn't take much leading:happy6:
  4. Wouldn't worry too much old lad!!!

    The aircraft isn't in service yet. (And who says it ever will). Aspirations ain't purchases!

    Get yourself in the 'Mob' first. Get qualified on whatever aircraft you are sent to from training. Do well, I will put money on it they will only take the cream to work on what will be the UK's premier aircraft (Don't walk before you can crawl)

    THEN! When they say it's a definite goer start putting preference forms in to show your interest.

    Next, wait for who ever is running the lottery to pull out your number.
  5. The dit at the minute is that there are people getting drafts already (Leading hands through to Chief) and that the first AETs, 65 of, are going mid to late next year for 3 years.
  6. At present they are asking for a few volunteers about 20 ish If I remember the advert to start training in the usa dont know of any drafts yet but always happy to be corrected
  7. The ultimate goal is to hopefully work on fast jets on hms Queen Elizabeth, if that means starting out on helicopters and making my superiors aware that i want to hopefully transfer over. lets hope it all goes to plan but if it doesn't, i will be more than happy to work on anything given to me.

    Have to say big thanks for this forum, helped me with a lot of unanswered question through out the recruitment process.
  8. I am sure the Navy will be so grateful for that!!!!!:-D
  9. Ah right, the 65 may have been the total going. I think there are a few AETs drafted, but the last I heard about that was from the lads coming to us from Harrier just after I qualified. I do know of a couple of killicks that have been drafted, and also of
    a few CPOAET drafts coming up in the near future. As always, though, it's just what you hear coming from the rumour mill.
  10. Look Doc they are not going to let you on anything with a black and yellow handle, this or that side of the pond:usa2:!!!!!now them there old and bold harrier boys,are just what's required:grin:
  11. There are plenty of black and yellow handles on a skip king! Just none of them make things go boom.
  12. Accrington Stanley...exactly!!! the reason,why you,and Martin Baker will never cross swords :clap:
  13. It's ok. I'd rather bang out into civvy street than in an ejector seat.

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