AET dropouts?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by P-38, Nov 28, 2008.

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  1. During my research on Rum rations I ran across a posting that stated that AET have a high dropout rate. Is this based on truth and if it is how do I avoid this?
  2. From the postings that I have read dropouts occur because the course work is of a fairly high standard.

    1. Make sure that you have a good grounding in mathematics.
    2. Pay attention to your instructors and if you find that you do not understand anything, ask for it to be repeated.
    3. if you are falling behind see your course chief and explain, in my day there was always extra instruction available after the normal working day.
    4. Finally do not be afraid to ask questions, you never know there may be several others in the class who also do not understand but are frightened to admit it.

    The Fleet Air Arm is the finest branch in the navy (yes I'm biased) so congratulations on taking your first step, new knuckle down for the six months or so that it take to be trained. :thumright:
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There is little point suggesting there is a high failure rate if there isn't, it's simply a question of giving accurate & realistic career expectations to aspiring individuals. The high drop-out rate is not only based on truth, it is the truth.

    Many people who are bright enough & possess the intellectual ability to become qualified AETs simply do not apply themselves because they have unrealistic expectations & do not effectively apply themselves.

    As Slim has said the way to avoid it is basically accept that you will need to knuckle down.

    Good luck.
  4. The AET drop outs all seem to be young though, and it's not just happening in training...I know of a few jumior rates who are looking to leave just after a few years...some for uni others put it down to being treated like crap and not enjoying it.

    There's a million and one reasons but yeah the Navy are screaming out for AET's atm..fingers crossed I get in.
  5. I know I have the mental potential to work with mechanical objects but I'am horrible with math. Because I'm coming from overseas as an UK/US citizen this needs to go right the first time. Because I'm crap at math should I reconsider another trade?
  6. No need to try for another trade.
    How long is it before you join?
    Use this time to do a basic mathematics course at your local college, or if you think you are above that then take a GCSE maths course and try to improve your grade.
    the reason that many are crap at maths is because they never never really got to grips with the basic principles. I was one of those and it wasn't until I took my GCE maths at the age of 33 that I really understood what I was doing. This was mainly due to the RAF Sqdn Leader who ran the course. Brilliant instructor who taught maths at The Empire Test Pilots School Boscombe Down.
  7. Maybe it's because it's such a throbber of a job
  8. From a JFH angle, the AET's there are working along side RAF SAC's. The SAC has a more in depth training and tends to be in one trade. The AET is jack of all and master of none. As the majority of supervisors are RAF (RN Sups are mostly under training/finding their feet) they tend to use their own and AET's get left in the crewroom. An AET gains NVQ2 a SAC gains NVQ3.
    The RN has a faster promotion system, so pay rates at the beginning are different but you will soon catch up. AET lower pay band, SAC higher.
    JFH (RN) training system has been more or less ingnored by the RAF, as it is change, they don't understand it and to be honest why should they? But there are a lot of top RN and a handfull of RAF that will help if needed.
    Having spent time on 3 JFH squadrons, I can honestly say that if you go with the right attitude you will get on, it is very easy to pin down a goshite/slacker/******** in Navy Blue. Light Blue versions just seem to blend in, and belive me I would'nt mind a £ every time the Navy gets blamed for something or other.

    RN @ Cott/Wit = Easy Target. Don't become a casualty!!!!

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