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Hi my start date for AET is in December , my AFCO told me that life as an AET is exciting and you will see a lot of the world and that you get the chance to go to Norway etc , whilst I'm hearing from others this isn't the case , I'm worried that I won't get this chance and will mainly be posted in the U.K ? Can anyway help clear this up , thanks


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AETs have about as much chance of overseas travel as anyone else if they are drafted/assigned to a frontline squadron.

You're more likely to go to Norway if you join a Commando squadron.

In the main, you will be drafted to a squadron rather than a ship. If it's a squadron attached to a ship, you join the ship when it sails. When the ship is alongside in UK, you stay with the aircraft on an air station. AETs don't go to sea as often as other branches of the Navy because not all squadrons are attached to ships. It is possible to spend an entire career dodging sea drafts and I've little doubt there have been RAF technicians with more sea time than some RN AETs when we operated JFH.

For starters, concentrate your mind on passing out of Raleigh and working hard at Sultan. Get yourself selected for Fast-Track by shining academically. To be honest, the choice you need to make, IMO, is what aircraft type you want to work on i.e. F35B, Merlin or Wildcat. As far as the last two go you then need to decide if you want to go on board (Merlin Mk2/Grey Wildcat) or if you want to be one of the FAAs prized assets, the cream of the crop, a Junglie. We spent the last 15 years or so going backwards and forwards to Iraq of Afghanistan, which is why there have been some disgruntled mumblings amongst the lads. I took my flight to Jordan for 6 weeks, embarked onto Lusty form there and did UAE, Oman etc and the typhoon relief in the Phillipines. So its not all dull!

As the QE Class is due out before F35B reaches FOC, they will be toppers with rotary wing (RW) assets so expect some sea time whichever RW platform you choose!


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Or you could join as a chef and actually fly RW aircraft in your off watch. :)
Funnily enough, whilst manning a ground display SeaKing thingy at a local show, who should bimble up but Admiral Z, in his best suit, laden with bells, whistles, medals & more tassels than BHS curtain dept.

"I used to fly these things" he proclaimed to those in the lengthy queue, waiting to climb in and break bits off the helicopter. "Were you a Stoker too, Sir?" I asked.

Fortunately he just snorted appreciatively, slapped me on the back, said "Woof" and left me staggering sideways, in appreciation. I swear Lord Flashheart was loosely based on the Admiral.
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