AET Branch Badge?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by dave_, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Iv been looking and i cant figure out what it is.
    Engineers have the screw with abbreviations underneath, would i be right in thinking ours is a plane with AET under?
  2. is it not a pillow with lots of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz comming out of it ?
  3. I thought it was a sun lounger with cheers easy underneath lol
  4. It's a Chip. Don't all AET's have one (at least) of these (on their shoulder) !!!
  5. i sense some hostility :threaten:
  6. Hostility never banter maybe lol
  7. i can handle banter, but seriously does anyone know??
  8. Senior Service within the senior service have AE under the plane untill traded, then it is M or AV.
  9. Your have a laught aint you WAFU? Senior as in rack time.
  10. It’s all jealously at the end of the day!!

    If I had a quid for every time I’ve heard, ‘I wish I’d joined up as a Woo’, I’d have enough money for a few pints. When we get ashore…first!
  11. sure it wasn't you smell of poo !
  12. thats 1 nil to us then :thumright:
  13. us so your in the team are you dave (red arse) lol
  14. Take your chance when you choose your branch!
    First thing non Woo's do is show their family round the aircraft when they bring them on board. Submariners stand fast!!
  15. Go on then wannabee Royal what instrument do you play :thumright: in the volunteer band :w00t: :thumright:
  16. And when all the non F.A.A department's on board have there department phot taken on the flightdeck.What do they have in the background, a load of pinger's or shar's.
    From my experiance, more people recated to F.A.A from other branch's than vise versa.
  17. Better dead.....than fish head.
  18. How hurtful the triangle actually
  19. Ah, Baldrick.

  20. All I know is that over the years I have had to sew differant bloody trade badges on my right arm. AO, AW, WL ETC ETC Then insult to injury in my leaving docs they put me down as a feckin L

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