AET - Average time before being deployed on a ship

After Pass Out, how long does a AET have to wait before getting the opportunity to get aboard a ship?
My main reason for wanting to join the navy is to travel, so I don't want to be stuck in England for the first 3 - 4 year..


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At present AETs join in the expectation of serving the majority of their Naval career on a naval air-station rather than on a ship. Most go where the aircraft and the squadron go.

There will be seagoing drafts to the new carriers as part of the Air Engineering Department, but at present, most AETs can expect to serve several years ashore before joining a frontline squadron on a seagoing ship.

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule but most AETs in the main are advised they may not routinely expect to serve at sea in the first three or four years. Some manage to dodge going to sea for an entire career.
One thing you will quickly learn is going to sea is the reason we have the general service :)

11 Years 11 Months in one go without even seeing a ship, never went to sea as a Killick, now thats good drafting :)
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