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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Harry Hastie, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. Hello,
    having passed my RT and eye test i thought i would start reading up on the forum just to keep up to date with things and see how everyone else gets along with there application, also curious as too how long people waited between their eye test and medicals or if it, like everything else just depends ?
  2. :laughing2:The wait to getting in to the FAA from passing your eye test, will necessitate you wearing glasses
  3. i passed with 6/4 on the eye test
  4. pmsl great odds
  5. im aware of the long waits many people are posting about but i was asking more about the eye test, medical and fitness test time scales or is just random?
  6. Angry Doc is the fount of all Knowledge
  7. Cheers for that scouse!

    It's completely random. We gather the forms for all applicants and arrange them by hair colour. We then filter out those with funny pictures and laugh at them. We then feel guilty, so they get their medicals first.
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  8. I knew there would be a logical answer somewhere....
  9. I knew, very deep down, that Scab Lifters had a sense of humour :-D

    PS: Shouldn't this thread be in 'Newbies'? I know it concerns AET but it's more about the road to joining as one, rather than being one.
  10. Are you still flying Pontius?
    If so the quality of AET seems to be slipping:angel7:
  11. If the quality of AETs is slipping he'd be doing more falling than flying :)
  12. Yes, Slim, I'm still flying but nothing exciting any more, unless the choice between chicken or fish is considered heart-pumping o_O

    I'm sure the standard of AET (AEM) is still as good as it always was. My division was always bombheads but I don't think they're really needed on my current Boeing steed, so at least I get out of report writing :-D

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