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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by CDW22, Jul 3, 2014.

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  1. I'm joining that navy as an AET and after basic I would start my specialist training around Christmas time, when will the navy start training AET's on the F-35's? I'd love to have the chance to work on that kind of aircraft.
  2. Im fairly sure there is already AETs working in the states gaining 'experience' and not VD.
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  3. You can only ask (during Pt 2), you will be expected to put in a preference.

    When I was a Sea Harrier instructor the RN hadn't sent enough bods to Merlin, so everybody out of Sultan (excluding stokers) went to CU. That was an easy 6 months rewriting the course notes
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  4. Bloody hell 1000 crew, same as an Invincible class (with CAG). How many times bigger? Get ready to a lot of bloody cleaning.
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  5. I'm sure a state of the art War Canoe will have state of the art cleaning aids, GTI Polishers and scrubbers!!!!
  6. Certainly plenty of scrubbers Waspie, lol !!
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  7. Would make a lovely Submarine Depot Ship.
  8. So do you think there's a fairly decent chance of me getting on to the new aircraft carriers, I would love that..,
  9. So young, so naive!!! :laughing9: You've as much chance as the next man dear chap - just join first, then one step at a time. Keep plugging for and it all come to those that wait!!! Big ships ain't all there cracked up to be - and that from an ex Wafu too!!!!!
  10. Rather a big ship than a single aircraft squadron 8 about or watch on stop on, I know which I prefer
  11. All will be revealed in the fullness of time young padawan.
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