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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by FistFullOfNails, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. At raleigh at the mo and my mates been offered to transfer from set to air traffic controller. The PO told him that its via he got the highest score in his psyche test along with three other lads. Don't really sit right with me... I thought aet was the highest at AB rate for psyche test.

    Can anyone fill in whether air traffic controller is a worthwhile job.just seems s bit fucked up how (and no disrespect to atc's) but surely engineering you would need a higher score

    Cheers, he aint got long to decide so the quicker replies the beytet(passes out next week.)
  2. Apologies for dog dared writing... using a touch phone
  3. ATC is very demanding yet so satisfying. Spanner w**king is so much easier, though (but not as easy as box kicking).
  4. So as an AET you thought that your branch had to have the highest RT score and you've just found out that it isn't. Oh how disappointing it must be to have the WOOOO chip knocked off your shoulder at such an early point in your career. Don't worry I'm sure you'll get over it. As for the RT score, engineering does not have the highest requirement. Nice to see you're looking after your oppos interest. You'll make a fine DO in years to come.
  5. Firstly, unless he's having a commision lobbed at her he's been offered Aircraft Controller. Secondly, yes you need a higher score for AC as it's about 15467 times more taxing than searching for loose articles and conducting a BF/AF. Get used to being a spanner monkey.

    So, unlucky. Your friend is infinitely more intelligent than you and he has a brighter future.
  6. Communications Technician requires the highest pass mark in the RT.
  7. Spud tanky is the highest.
  8. Ah fair enough. I am looking out for him to be fair. He thought aet wad highest too and the way the PO worded it to him was pretty dodgey. Was basically we got too many aets so take this job.

    As for brighter future.... I'm fairly certain I'm off to Paris come Feb. Been offered a thirty k job there and from my experience of talking to people that have served most seem to regret it. One marine seargent was telling me how he's been in ten years and his two year old son looks at him like a stranger. Another PO was telling me about how his marriage broke apart due to the navy. Still unsure but I doubt I can justify staying in.

    Thanks for ill let him know
  9. FistFull.
    Get back to doing your kit and cleaning stations. You haven't got time to be loafing on here. You never know who's watching you. :wave:
  10. What...?
  11. FACT: No qualified ACs or ATCs have transferred to AET. However I know plenty of AETs (AEMs) who have moved the other way. I'm one!
    Read into that what you will!

  12. Exactly!
  13. Did you perchance receive your invitation by way of a French Letter with 'Come' in it?
  14. I wouldn't get out of bed for that! :lol:
  15. I don't. Fcuking commoners wages that.
  16. What are you.................?

    A rent boy :oops: :p
  17. Why? You looking for one? 8O
  18. No I was looking for work, 30K a year for not getting out of bed seems OK to me. :p
    Seems to be a bit of a pain in the arse though :p

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