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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bryan, Dec 17, 2010.

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  1. Hey, if you could help that would be great!
    When I was at my RNAC in Oct, we had presentations on our branch's, it was said that as an AET you can work on the marine aircraft, is this the SeaKing Mk4?
    plus, it was said that if you did want to work with the marine aircraft then you would have to undergo marine training also,
    what training is this like and are women allowed to do this also?
    thanks guys :)
  2. Yeah, although it is easier for women with regards to gaining your green lid. It's much a case of just increasing your PJFT run to around 11 minutes 30 seconds, 13 press ups on the knees and 5 spotty dogs.

    On completion of the above gym test, proceed to 847/845 etc with new badges and lid. Jobs a fish!!

    Good luck.
  3. so, the only differrence is the time for the PJFT and the fitness side? doo you make that decision at phase 2?? or do they refer back to your fitness results from raleigh as to if your fit enough... anybody know the route?? and what is the difference? different uniform?
  4. You have some quite specific questions would it not be better to contact your local AFCO and pose them directly?

    We can only guess at answers and unless Super Mario or Ninja_Stoker our resident AFCO advisors inject with words of wisdom then you are quite likely to be mis-advised. There are only a couple on here who a currently employed in the role you are interested in and they may or may not wish to comment.

    In my day the Junglie or marine route as you call it did involve a small amount of 'military training' so that when you deployed in the field with the boys in green you could at least look the part. The training involved learning the ways of the marine, how to dress like a marine and weapon training including a long stint on a range firing the weapons of the day. (Bodmin - what a loverly place!!!)

    But that was way back when, these days times have moved on. Get advice from source rather than second hand.
  5. cheers for the advice, wil ring AFCO on monday morning :)
  6. Oi Waspie, I happen to quite like Bodmin moor .........
  7. Good idea.

    I'm sure they have an answering machine.
  8. So do I!!

    A30 heading East, fast! :lol:
  9. I hope the RN have done a risk assessment on getting eaten by the beast of bodmin.

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