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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by drivintothebeach, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Hello there,

    I am hoping to join the RN as a AET, and have read that in phase 2 training you select the aircraft you work on.

    I would love to work with the Sea Kings, but what tends to be the most popular aircraft that people choose?

    I read somewhere that it is the Lynx.
  2. Have a good read through the Fleet Air Arm threads.

    The only way ahead is the Cutting Edge To The Sword Of Freedom, The mighty SHAR, or its illigitimate ginger son, the HAR.
  3. im at phase 2 at the moment and got my draft a few weeks ago, im off to 702 on the Lynx which was my first choice, youll get a reasonably good idea of what airframe you want during phase 2a, but theres plenty of instructors to ask for more info, each has its own perks etc etc, as for seaking you have the choice of junglie at yeovilton (RM transporters) or Search and rescue/baggies at culdrose, if you want seakings, your likely to get one or the other as you put 2 preferences down, unless they send you elsewhere due to requirements etc.
  4. If you select and get your preference working on Seakings, do you choose whether you go junglie or search and rescue or is that decided for you?
  5. Is it true that the Sea King is being retired to be replaced by all the Merlins the RN is receiving from the RAF?
  6. :wink: :wink: The last Sea King Pilot, hasnt been borne yet :lol: Ps The Sea Kings, are being retired though :cry: :cry:
  7. Hi Wilfko,

    Congrats on phase 2. Would you mind giving a little insight for us curious aspring WAFU's?

    I have my RT in March and have been brushing up on all sorts and doing tests to the clock etc...I am just curious at the level of training in P2 eg Difficulty of Maths, Mechanics etc. As long as you study and pay attention will you generally do well? (I know that stage is a LONG way off yet lol)

    I hope that question makes sense... :lol:
  8. Well junglie seakings are at yeovilton and Search and rescue and the baggies are at Culdrose, both independant drafts (i.e. not linked), as for the other questions there is very little maths at all to be honest, but that will change at Leading hand level and PO level, but its nothing too hard trust me, you WILL pass phase 2A with no problems at all if you put in 'enough' revision time and dont have he memory of a goldfish, thats it really, dont worry too much. Its a good crack. and trust me, its not too far away, it will fly by. (no pun intended)
  9. Go for the more technically challanging "The Harrier", accept second best if you don't get it.
  10. I believe AET's do a lot of shore time. If I want more sea time should I choose Seakings, Merlins or Harriers?
  11. harriers are doing a fair stint in hot sandy places at this moment in time, for sea time you want to be going for either lynx or merlin as they serve on all ships from frigates to destroyers and up to the larger lpd and aircraft carriers.
  12. Harriers pulled out of the Stan and replaced by Tornado's. If you count 5 weeks a year in Yuma Arizona as hot and sticky then yes!!

    Harriers tend to go on board for the boring part of the trip (The bit at sea) and go home before a decent run ashore. The Crabs like to have THIER aircraft back at base, no rusting in the sea air!!!! :(
  13. apologies I thought the harriers were to be pulled out must have got the wrong end of the stick. :oops:
  14. Hi Crab Baiter

    Are you the only Zoomer on here? You seem to be making an admirable one man stand to get people down the Harrier route?! :lol:
  15. [​IMG] Get one of these and you can have 12 months sea time, in one go :lol: :lol:
  16. Cheers Wilfko,

    Appreciate the feedback! :D
  17. Hi guys, I'm waiting for a date to join the RN as an AET, and I have a particular interest in the harrier. I understand that you don't always get your first choice, but what is the realistic chance of me getting this aircraft at phase 2? Also is the scheduled replacement of the harrier by the lightening 2 going to effect the training?

    Any help would be great,

    thanks Rich
  18. From what I can gather with the planned closure of one of the harrier bases and scrapping a few squadrons, the harrier drafts from sultan are going to be even more thin on the ground. All the best.
  19. Not the only one!

    Shag Shacker
    Off Les Aura
    Chief Tiff

    To name a few

    However myself or none of the above work on them now!!!
  20. Might affect your WO2's course, would not fret on Phase 2!!!

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