AET & ACH Basic info for new joiners

Chicogiz said:
catton01 said:
Chicogiz said:
catton01 said:
No i was in the Army. lol

Cant comment about you, but do you smell? :?

excuse me?

As stated above, do you smell. I could of put do you smell still. I put i cant comment, as im not serving yet, but i know soldiers in the army are known as pongos.

Where the Army go's the pong go's and all that.

Tbh mate i left in phase 2 training so tbh i don't really think i was there long enough to develop, la odour de Pongo.


i'm currently on the AET course at Hms Sultan. its quite a tough course lots to revise and take in some modules are easier than others, there is very little in the way of practical mainly classroom theory and module exams. we have had quite a few leave our class through failing and all but 1 have been offered branch transfer which was to the sub service. so unless your sure you want it and can pass maybe look at something else
Thats cause you have to be clever and do sums and add up n all matey............and its the best trade/branch as well................I like to be polite Waspie.(at times)

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