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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Gazza82, May 29, 2007.

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  1. MOD EDIT: I have made this a sticky as it has some useful information regarding AET (mostly) & ACH, J_D

    Hello All
    I have a Question is there anyone on this forum who is/was in the AET trade?

    I have chosen AET and Aircraft handler as my 2 choices and if I pass for both I wont know which one to go for.

    I am currently speaking to someone who is an aircraft handler and the job sounds really great. I have got the basic info for AET which the AFCO provide but not the information about life in the AET trade. eg what is the working day like? (told from someone who's currently doing it or has been doing it) Is it more shore work than at sea? etc..... Basicly detailed stuff the AFCO dont provide really.

    I know its alot to ask for and not everyone will be able to help but I hope there is someone that can.
    It might sound stupid to some of you but I just want to make the right choice in trades. ^_^; :colors:
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  3. Re: AET

    Thanks sgtpepper
    should look more before asking lol
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: AET

    Don't worry; you're not the first (and you certainly won't be the last!) :lol:
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: AET

    Greetings Gazza,

    Think Sgt PB has covered it.

    Just a brief precis:

    AET requires one of the highest recruiting test scores in the Navy & is, as the name implies, a technician.

    Aircraft Handler (NA[AH]), whilst still transferable trade, particularly as Aircraft Fire-fighter, requires a comparatively lower score & involves no formal technical training.

    AETs generally serve on all ships that carry aircraft, frigates upwards. NA(AH) tend to serve on ships bigger than destroyers. In both cases, most, though not all, you will serve with a squadron & when that squadron is embarked onboard ship, you are too.

    You probably get slightly more sea-time as an AET at present. If you want to serve on ships continuously, then neither AET or NA(AH) are the ideal trades for this as you move back to your Air Station whilst the ship is alongside in UK as AET or NA(AH). The jobs themselves, although involving the same aircraft are very different.
  6. Re: AET

    The main difference is that as an AET you get an engineering trade behind you which you won't as an AH. The way things are going this will mean a foundation degree and professional reconition by civilian acredditation bodies. As an AH you will have driving skills including HGV. So its up to you, what do you feel the 21st century needs - technicians or drivers.......
  7. Re: AET

    Thanks ninja and Nofaultfound.
    Very helpfull information. I understand that AET requires a higher score. and those were the 2 trades I wanted to join as before I went to the AFCO though I will wait and see what my Test results are and depending on results I might have a closer look at other jobs I would be able to do with my score.
    Basicly I just love aircraft and as I cant be a pilot I would really love to do something with them.
    I have another question what does it mean that NA(AH) is a transferable trade?
    Could I apply to transfer to AET when I am in the NA(AH) trade even tho the score from the test at the AFCO wasnt high enough?
  8. Re: AET

    You say you can't be a pilot.
    Without prying why is that if it is what you really want to do? If not in the RN there could be openings elsewhere.
  9. Re: AET

    No I've tried different things. lots of different things and now my age is the fact I cant anymore... But I've got used to the idea and think it atleast would be good to work with aircraft.
    Maybe at some point I can take it up privatly.
  10. Re: AET

    That's a good idea, you won't regret it.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: AET

    By transferable, I meant that it is a trade which can be used as a civilian. (Unlike rear-gunner on a Lancaster bomber, for example!)

    When you sign-on, assuming all goes well, the document actually states: "The Careers Adviser has explained all the trades available to me & I understand that I may NOT tranfer to another branch".

    You will have people tell you all sorts of tales about transferring once joined - "Well My mate did this..." in short, you can't & shouldn't expect to be able to.
  12. Re: AET

    Ok thanks Ninja :thumright:
    Thats fair enough I mean thats why you should think carefully before joining.
    I've just heard alot that some people are transfering to different trades once in the RN and thought I'd better check if this was true
  13. Re: AET

    Things have changed then Ninja, know quite a few that changed branches in my day.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: AET

    Hiya Hig,

    To be honest mate, it hasn't changed that much, it's just that a lot of people join believing, because they've heard of someone changing branches, then it's their God-given right. To this very day loads join a shortage-category branch in order to get in quick, assured by their mates (who are currently serving) that once in, they can request to transfer to the job they really want, thus jumping the queue.

    To avoid accusations of "Well the Careers Adviser told me I could change branches...." Everyone is categorically assured they cannot & signs that understanding.

    Just to re-iterate to the uninitiated:

    You should NEVER join expecting to be able to branch change. There have been people who have been given manning approval by their Branch Managers to transfer, because the branch they are in, is over-manned & the branch to which they wish to transfer to is undermanned.

    The branches that are technically over-manned, have the longest waiting list to join NOT the shortest.

    It's a bit like the National Lottery if you join up expecting to be able to transfer to another branch. In short, merely a tax on the stupid.
  15. Re: AET

    Thats a good point
    But Ninja thats not the reason I asked.
    Just concerned that IF I do dislike the choice for any reasons if I could transfer to something I like.
    THO I'm hoping obviously that the choice I make is perfect and it probably will be with all the research I'm doin lol :p
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: AET

    Gazza, appreciate your point, my statement was for the wider audience mate.

    You are free to leave the Service after four weeks by submitting two-weeks notice at any time in the first six months if you don't like it. You cannot expect to simply change jobs, which was my point.
  17. Re: AET

    Ye I know.
    Tho I wont be leaving when I join.... AET sounds brill after reading the threads and google research and so does NA(AH).
    SO just depends on my score ;)
  18. Re: AET

    You sound like my long lost (welsh) brother.

    I am indeed in the exact same boat, no pun intended.

    I have my Psychometric test on the 11th of this month and am rather worried about the test score. I've heard from 80% correct to 90% but I am not 100% sure.

    I scored 76% in the RAF test for AET, to be honest I didn't revise but was fresh out of school (few months) but because of my lack of a 'C' grade in mathematics I was unable to push forward in the RAF so spent a year looking elsewhere.

    All I can say is that you need to score 100%! Will it happen? probably not but if you aim for it then what else can you do. If you score under that, you know you have tried your hardest.

    Good luck though.
  19. Re: AET

    All you both can do is give it 110%, Hell if I passed it anyone can ;)
  20. Re: AET

    you'll pass, dont worry! Just read through the example book, and keep glancing through the dictionary, Resighting ur times tables etc. The faster you can think of simple answers on the day, the better. I aint dead clever, just your bog standard piss head bloke, n i passed as AET. Just dont worry, its dead easy, you'll have no problems other than your speed, which you should be working on now!
    Good luck mate

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