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Hi all, this is my first post in the forum.

having just graduated university this year, i am presently going through my application to RN (SIFT Monday 14th) with a view to eventually becoming an AEO and MTP, i talked to an officer from FAA at a careers fayre and after having a chat with her she suggested that, myself wanting to combine both a role in engineering and flying should opt to apply for the above.

having scoured the internet, asked at careers centres and searched the forums i can find very little on the subject (especially anything particularly new), and was wondering if anybody had any knowledge of this role and how to apply for it.

presently i'm processing my application based on AEO, but expressing definite interest in flying, and taking the flying aptitude tests.

Many thanks
Can't really help you apart from I knew a chap, Dave Issit, he was an AEO, transferred pilot did a tour as an ASW, (Sea Kings),then went on to be an MTP and then an Empire test pilot I believe. (The latter may not be 100% as it was passed on verbally - I have no knowledge myself). I met Dave at Fairford RIAT where he was crewing a crab Chinook, he was then flying out of Farnborough.

Point being - it can be done.
Definitely not something you can apply for on entry.

After BRNC you do your AEO training and qualify to sign (get issued with a red pen). After that you're in the lap of the gods; there may be no places for pilot, in which case you're stuck as an AEO. They may require you to do a job as an AEO before starting pilot training, rather than beginning as soon as you've got your red pen. Finally, there's no guarantee that you'll actually become an MTP even if you do complete both courses; the RN may find it more useful to keep you as either a pilot or an AEO and there is no specific MTP pipeline, if you will.

Please go in with your eyes wide open: the RN is always desperate for engineers and will encourage you to join as such, even promising riches that can be achieved but in quite rare circumstances. You cannot enter as an MTP candidate and you very well may not even get a flying course. If you're happy to be an AEO then crack on but don't be fooled into thinking MTP is a recognised entry pathway into the RN.

I speak not as an MTP but my best mate was and we went through flying training together; admittedly he did the old Manadon course for his AEO training but it was something like 11 or 12 years in the RN before he did the actual MTP course!


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As Pontius states, the reason there's no careers info is simply because it's a "sideways entry" branch - much the same as Met, Hydrography, Intel, MCDO, Service Police, Naval Barrister, etc.

They're rare & there's no guarantee. The rough rule of thumb is if you want to be a pilot primarily, join as a pilot. Engineer, engineer. The RN has no fixed wing aircraft in service yet and if you want to test future fixed wing military aircraft, it makes sense to start out in a career that presents the most opportunities in that field. Much as it pains me to say it, the RN May not necessarily be the starting point that offers the greatest odds of achieving your goal in this area.

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