Discussion in 'RFA' started by DeeDee, Oct 25, 2013.

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  1. Guys

    I am seriously considering a career change I am currently a health professional and looking at the medical technician job in the RFA, I have served 3 years in the Army previously and keep myself pretty fit. As a 46 year old do any of you envisage any problems ?
  2. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  3. I do, more than enough educationally and I will be playing that down
  4. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    No dramas then.
  5. You'll do for me, I think (only think) they are recruiting in the new year you have any information ?
  6. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Look at RFA website today!
  7. exJenny - thanks bud, I have done the initial application and am waiting for a call back, don't want to appear to be a pain in the arse !
  8. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Good luck.

  9. exJenny - i have been thinking and have a few further questions, if you wouldnt mind

    1. whats the score between the ranks, is every officer called sir and soluted on deck, or is it much more relaxed and only at a certain rank ?

    2. whats the score with promotion eg, if a person is professionally qualified for a rating job i.e. Health professionalf or a Med tech job is there a chance of faster promotion upon proof of education / skills/ feedback from senior officers ?

    thanks in advance
  10. a bit more please !

    (apologies, i have tried to send this before)

    whats the score with saluting and calling officers sir / ma'am - is it only the old man or every officer on deck / below deck etc ?

    if i am successful.........with a BSc / MSc in Health 17 years experience etc - will i still be a rating or will i be placed at a higher rank, please ?

  11. Most are first name terms, sometimes rank title. No saluting.

    MedTechs don't really have a rank structure or promotion prospects. There are two grades - MedTech, and MedTech Q, though I don't remember exactly what the Q bit is. ("Qualified" for something.) You may already meet the criteria for Q. Payscales are the same initially but the Q has more increments.

    They used to be titled as petty officers - CPO(MT) and PO(MT), but that disappeared a few years ago. Still berth and mess as POs. Recent intakes are the first to be taken on without requiring previous medical experience. Age is no bar as the profile is generally "grumpy old man".

    If you scour the threads in this section there is at least on RFA medtech member on here.
  12. Hello sir
    I'm in the same position I'm a HCP and getting disheartened with the NHS, I was speaking to a member of the RFA recently and he said it's a good life, I like the fact of being a part of a team, and of course then 84 days off, anyway I have scoured the tinternet and this site, but I have some more questions, I'm really sorry hope I'm not pissing people off,
    How long does the process take
    I've sent off my details, do I now get a application form (in paper format) or is there an online form,
    AIB is that the same as recruitment weekend.
    Training regime 8weeks is that all even qualified.
    Postings do you stay with the same vessel after your leave?, or do you get assigned a new vessel.
  13. Sorry didn't want to make tough reading, thanks for the link, I could find much info when I looked, should have worn my glasses, the link has answered the questions that I was asking, I would like to thank you again.
  14. Thanks didn't mean for my post to be a tough read, the link in your post has answered my question, thanks again
  15. 1) MedTech candidates do not attend AIB.

    2) You may be appointed to any ship.
  16. Thanks as a need tech what training is expected of me, I've looked on the website for ratings I think it's 10 weeks and for officers it's 7 weeks, is that correct, so will I do the 10 week course or is there a different course for qualified nurses? I'm not sure
  17. Sorry medtech, I've spoke to the recruitment line this morning but they are unsure aswell they were going to give me another telephone number but my call got cut off tried to ring again but got automated message asking to leave my telephone number and someone would get back to me but I'm still waiting for the call 5 hours later
  18. Are you looking at RN basic training? That doesn't apply to RFA.

    The implication from the recruitment leaflet is that you must complete, amongst other things, an Offshore Medic course. A quick check indicates that a typical example is 4 weeks duration. Other courses mentioned are 1st Aid Instructor and AED instructor. There are a number of other STCW basic training courses (PSSR, PST, Basic Firefighting and Basic 1st Aid) required for all crew members, but some of those are rolled into the RN run BSSC.

    I'd say you'll have at least 3-4 months of training on full pay before going near a ship. Is there a particular reason you are concerned about the nature or duration of the training courses?
  19. No I'm just I want to be there now type of person, thanks for that, I've been looking it the offshore training, I was going to do that a few years ago but it's not a cheap course to do, I'm happy to do all the relevant training course, Im not sure what happens from initial contact to getting into RFA, just wanted to know what to expect from the recruitment process,

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