Discussion in 'RMR' started by alec_brickie, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. right i went to the presentation last week and got a couple of bits of paper work ive done them. i havent had any medicals or tests or anything, the selection weekend is at the end of april what are my chances of getting it all done in time.

    also i cant get in contact with henley should i just turn up ready for pt and what should i take.

  2. I suggest you speak to your AFCO about whether your ready or not. if your going to a holding troop evening i suggest you take the following

    Shorts or tracksuit bottoms
    water bottle
    wash kit and towel
    flip flops
    notepad and pencil for any lectures
  3. ex rubberdagger the first time i set foot in a rmr base was last wednesday so i dont know who my AFCO is and im new to all this. thanks to the list though.

    soleil yes they are the numbers i rung.
  4. Alec

    Pls see your PMs.
  5. Alec,

    You won't get hold of anyone at Henley unless you phone on Tuesday night after 7.30pm. If your going straight down there bring the kit mentioned above and head to the unit for 7pm - introduce yourself and they'll take it from there.

    As for getting everything done, yes, you'll have time, but get the ball rolling now, the unit will provide you with the papers etc that you need then the AFCO will take over once your application form is in.
  6. Travis is R.B still the company commander at Henley??

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