I was just wondering everyone opinion on this.

i am currently living overseas and have wanted to join the royal Australia navy since i was a young kid as a clearance diver which is the weaker Australian equivalent of the Royal Marines.

Having found out 3 years ago i was unsuitable for this due to poor eyesight as you need 20/20 vision for CD i was recommended to apply for supply officer. Although very different from what I originally wanted i was encouraged to continue with this application from both recruiters and fmaily. I was successful with this application and have been offered a position next year as a supply officer after gaining a university degree in either arts or business of which i do not have to pay for as the Australia defence force pay for it

i am currently unsure as to what to do as i am seriously considering a career in the royal marines.

I am not very fit at the moment marine standard as i only have to get 7.0 on the bleep test for supply officer so have been lazy and only been training for that

i am really unsure as to what to do but i think i would really enjoy the marines more.

There is also pressure from my family to accept the university offer which also entails a minimum period of service of 9 years which i really don’t want to sign up for in this particular job.

just wondering everyone’s advice is as to what i should do.


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As this is a Royal Navy site, all be it unofficial, I would try posting on an RAN site, any information given there may be more relevant.

It always helps to start with a friendly remark when you post, you could try "Morning Aussies, hows the rugby going?" :rendeer:
i probobly shold have made myself clear. i currnelty live in australia and was born here although i lived over there for 5 years


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Could've sworn I answered that question elsewhere!

Ah well, here's what I would've answered:

"The RAN & RN are strikingly similar in many ways, however the advice I offer is based on my experience with the RN & may not be directly translated to the RAN, but here goes:

Eye-sight standards for Divers sound the same as they are here. Often people applying for one of the Warfare Officer trades, such as Clearance Diving officer, pilot etc., find their eyesight is not up to scratch so get offered Logistics Officer (Supply Officer RAN) or engineer as the eye standards are less.

In UK, potential RM officers are not currently offered Cadetships or Bursaries. When you look at it logically there is little point paying for someone to do a non-vocational degree - the only advantage in doing so is by offering it with a "return of service" caveat. (You don't get anything for nothing!) This way you're going to have someone who is going to stick around a while & at least has a degree when they leave. So the logic is a "win/win" supposedly.

Obviously if you can get someone to pay for your degree, so much the better. BUT and it is a big "BUT" degrees in UK are becoming devalued as so many people are lead to believe they need one to get a decent job - Unless it's a technical or vocational degree, which you are going to actually use in your job, it ain't worth a carrot, frankly.

In UK the average person goes on to further education for two years from the age of 16 to gain A2 Level examination qualifications. During this period they get "up to" (depending on parental income) £30 per week Education Maintenance Allowance EMA. If they joined age 16 as a Commando, they would start on £200 per week & gain 2 years seniority for promotion, be trained & get a bit of life experience. They could be on about £16 000 per annum after a couple of years.

In UK the average Uni student (without sponsorship) racks up around £15 000 debt at present. Someone joining the Royal Marines at 18 with 140 UCAS points at A2 as an Officer would earn around £45 000 during this period a difference of £60k (or £90k compared to a 16 year old who joins up straight away), training, world travel, life experience & 3 years seniority at the rank. The guy going to Uni first may pass Potential Officer's Course (POC) but Fail Admiralty Interview Board (AIB), not getting selected. You would be amazed how many graduates join as an Other Rank Royal Marine together with a student loan, whilst their contemporaries who joined sooner have had all the experience and income.

There's no point trying to compare RN Logistics Officer with RM Commando Officer as they're completely different trades & usually completely different people".

Good luck in your choice!

I need a lie down now as I'm having a Deja Vu.

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