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Not sure then? :)

Happy to PM TORs, if I can find the bloody things. To be honest, it's quite forward-thinking and an innovative method of dancing within the Armed Forces policy on social media engagement and complying with the quite rigorous security aspects. It makes for a more instantaneous low-key form of engagement and doesn't need an Admiral to dot the t's or cross the i's although if I get it wrong, I know about it pretty sharpish. ;)

Trust me, I know the ROE pretty much inside out.

As if by magic, a man appeared. Note the timing of the post:

Oh no, let's not get started on RoE again this week. By the way, I did ask my mate what it felt like when the Exocet arrived. His response was rather predictable....


Thanks again!
I think I'm looking for whichever is more exciting out of the two/whichever one would take up more time :confused: I know I work better under pressure and like to have a lot to do. I understand from the threads it's hard to really grasp much about CT due to it's nature, but with ET(ME) is there a lot to do all the time, is there the chance to excel in part of the job (more than just the plumbing, say), that's also applicable to civvy life (in the future?). Is there a chance to take it to the next level in engineering in designing stuff, or at least the opportunity to do that as well - to challenge yourself really?
Also considered ET(WE), I believe I passed for anything in engineering (I think it was just CT I failed for), but kind of prefer the mechanics stuff. I don't think I'd be eligible for the apprenticeship as I'm 23, and also don't have STEM A-levels (its a long story, but I'm doing the degree from getting to uni from a more convoluted path). It's in Ecology, so really niche and nothing to really do with what I want to do here.
I just know I need to challenge myself. I'm a bit nervous to say this to my AFCO though because it really shows how confused I am :confused:

Apologies for all of this! And Thanks!
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To be honest, although engineering officers may become involved in research and development, most design stuff is left to contracted companies. The Navy may well determine something needs designing to certain specifications to meet a specific need, but apart from 'in service' suggestion schemes, there isn't a great deal of scope to use creativity and design bits of kit from within the service.


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Is it more of a routine role then?
Over time, the terminology used evolves, but essentially the day to day life of an ET(ME) and indeed all branches, follows a routine. That said, by the nature of the kit you maintain, things that move frequently wear out, sometimes quite spectacularly. On gas turbine propulsion ships for example, it it not unheard of for an engine to throw a blade and send the guts of the engine up through the funnel. Likewise in the action state, the aim is usually to keep the ship fighting by giving command the power to use the weapons and push the ship through the water, regardless of incoming damage. Likewise, the ship needs to be kept afloat. In action, something you could well experience for real, the job is far from mundane or routine.