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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by hoodwinked, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. Hello,

    I filled out my application last week and posted it on Friday. I remember reading somewhere on here it takes a few months to process it, so I was thinking I had plenty of time to revise for the RT and also get into shape.

    But I received a phone call today, my RT has already been booked! :O I am very surprised at how swift it was, and I am worried, mostly about mechanics and maths. I've attempted alot of the different practice tests and my scores are terrible. I just tried out a mechanics test against the clock and scored just 9/25 :(

    My fitness is also a big worry, my best time for the 2.5km run on a treadmill is 14.35mins!

    I'm joining the gym this week, which includes a swimming pool (costing a hefty £43 per month) and will be attending the facility around 4 times per week.

    Bottom line is, does anyone have any tips for fitness, or should I simply follow the fitness guide in the careers pack?

    And any useful sites for mechanical reasoning and maths? Many thanks!
  2. No point buying a gym membership imo. Just find a 1.5 mile route near your house and do it every morning trying to get faster than last time. As for the RT there's a thread with loads of links to psychometric tests on here somewhere...
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  3. Don't waste your time or money with a gym membership. Go to your nearest sports shop, buy a half decent pair of running shoes, and run for your life, its better that you get used to road running now for your PRNC and training then to get used to a treadmill. Especially in this weather!
    Sit ups, press-ups, weights etc can be done at home in your bedroom or wherever!

    There's a useful link for your RT revision.
  4. Your advertising skills are amazing, pick on the slow and gullible.
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  5. I recommend you start running every other day - try and do 1.5 miles as fast as you can but then continue for another 1.5 miles at a slightly slower pace. At your fitness test they set the speed and all you have to do is increase it slightly and run for 11 minutes!! You should have at least a month or so to prepare for this though.

    For your RT just practice. Have a look at GCSE bite size and revise how to work everything out before you demoralise yourself by 'failing'.

    Good luck and keep us updated!!

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  6. Thanks for the advice :)

    Maybe I won't get a gym membership after all! And thanks for that link to the other topic, though I have already been using the links from it :) I'll be sure to take a peek at bitesize, too.
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  7. If you look around online there are plenty of mock tests that you can have a go at.

    Don't forget to practice under timed conditions. The different timing allowances for sections are detailed in the sample test booklet they will have provided you.

    As for your fitness, alternating between treadmill and road running would help you greatly.

    Best of luck!
  8. Try interval training you will loose waight fast and get faster at running are you male or female ??
  9. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    When I first started running I had a slow time of around 13:30 and had to stop.

    Split the 1.5 miles into 6x400m sprints with a 30 second breather between runs. This will help you to complete the full course at a faster pace, and increase your general fitness.

    Got my time down to 8:42 (PB)
  10. I am Male :)
  11. you will do it I'm sure lol I was 14st 7 lbs and in 3 months I got my weight down to 12st 8lbs and my time down from 15 mins to 11 mins.
  12. Hoodwinked the first thing to change should be your diet, let's make it easier to run. Cut out sugar and soft drinks, minimal alcohol, 80% of body change can be made in the kitchen.
    Run 3 times a week, building up time and pace (speed). To improve your running include core work on other days, the plank being the most important. Build from a 30 second plank to at least 3 mins over 2 weeks. As your recovery time shortens bring your running to 4 days a week with one run being up to 6 miles - get the endurance up!
    Include pressups, try and do 100 every other day for first 2 weeks in what ever time you can i'e doing 15 then a short rest (30 sec) and 10-15 more. With practice you will be able to do 100 pressups in 2-3 mins. At the start it might take you 7-8 mins. Progress this to 100 every day, first thing in the morning.
    When these get easy do spiderman pressups - google it!
    Keep moving forward, you'll be a machine in no time!
  13. Thanks for the advice everyone :)

    I am still going to get a Gym membership and I am going to focus obviously on my running. I'm going to do running at the Gym and also early in the morning at home, along with other things that you have suggested like the plank, press-ups, sit-ups, eating and drinking healthier etc.

    I was also wondering for the swimming test, does it have to be breast stroke? In the RN fitness book it says on the later weeks of the guide to do breast stroke, but it does not actually say that it has to be breast stroke for the test. I can do the crawl ok, but at swimming lessons I am really struggling with the breast stroke.

    Edit: As for my weight, I'm only around 7.5stone.
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  14. Any stroke you want, you can probably get away with floating there and back.
  15. Thanks for all the advice everyone. Passed my RT :D Just scraped the required score for Medical Assistant by 2 marks. Apparently the score needed for it is quite high. Got my selection interview in 5 days.
  16. Well done! You've applied for the same as me :)
    Let us know how you get on..
  17. Thanks mate :) I see in your sig (and I thought this before) that you did your interview last, which is when I thought it should come. How come I am doing mine in 5 days and I have not yet done my eye test, medical or PJFT? The CA chooses the order?
  18. The CA doesn't choose the order in which they process you.
    Your interview is now one of the first things that's done - that way they get to find out if you meet the standard at interview before investing more money in you by putting you through your medical, PJFT, SC etc.

    I'm sure someone will be along shortly to correct me if I'm wrong..
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2013
  19. Ok Karlish, thanks for clearing that up. ;)
  20. I'm currently awaiting a response from my AFCO for my RT. My best time running on a track doing the 1.5 mile is 9:48. But my outdoors 1.5 is 11:40. Is this good enough to last through the 10 weeks at Raleigh? (If assuming I get that I far!).

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