Hello all,

I am looking for some support and advice regarding joining the Royal Navy.

I'm currently studying for an MSc in Criminology and was only just made aware of the URNU when I searched the groups and societies page at my university. I was incredibly exciting to put myself out there and try to become part of this group, however, after the meet and greet, measurements for uniform, and interview I wasn't selected and I'm so disappointed by this. I was hoping the URNU would be an excellent opportunity as preparation in joining the Royal Navy once I have completed my studies and I just don't know where I went wrong.

I believe I conducted myself in the best manner possible at the interview and answered all the questions honestly giving really good examples of leadership qualities and skills the Royal Navy would look for. I replied to the email sent to me by the COXN telling me I had not been selected but I did not receive a reply.

I am on the larger side but have worked tirelessly to lose weight (2.5 stone since June). I go swimming three times a week and the gym twice a week or more when I can. I was advised that I could keep working on my weight loss right up until the medical for the URNU which wouldn't be until November but again, I wasn't selected so didn't have this opportunity.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is will this 'rejection' impact my chances of joining the Royal Navy in the future? I am hoping to apply next year as a Graduate once I have completed my studies and fit into the necessary BMI requirements.

Any advice or feedback would be excellent.



Not directly, it's possible they were put off by your weight, it's also possible your answers may not have been as good as you thought they were.

Either way, the URNU is not the only way to prepare yourself for joining. Know your goals and get training for them now, you have more than 6+ months to prepare for selection, use that time to not only get in the weight range but get in the best shape of your life so you can excel in selection and when you get to Raleigh/BRNC.