Advice regarding service and national status.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by DuraCell, Dec 24, 2013.

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  1. Merry Xmas and festive season all.
    Requesting some info on national status:
    Santa brought me a present in the form of online information:(

    Now, having successfully completed my application process and SC, except PRNC prior to phase 1 training, I discovered the above link on a forum in 'ARRSE'

    I have duel citizenship - Yes AFCO knows -
    I have British passport and South African passport, I have both birth certificates as well. Is this a problem? Am I likley to loose my South African citizenship as a result as this is not my intention and on a more serious note is this a criminal offence back on SA turf.

    Any advice appreciated.
  2. I understand you will not have a problem. Just do not knock on Zumas door and tell him ypu are serving.

    I start in March, as a dual national - I do not need to give up citizenship unless I ultimately opt for a career which only allows full British citizens in it.

    That being said, I am not an expert - but you ahould be good!

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  3. Dankie meneer - Lekker Kersfees en sterkte met jou opleiding!:thumbleft:
  4. Haha baie dankie - jammer, my Afrikaans is nie so goed nie... i am super excited - and can't wait. what are you joining as?

    In order to put your mind at ease - I have a mate in the army who has travelled home once a year and has not had a problem. No information about you serving goes into your green book - just don't flash your military ID to border patrol... you don't want to be accused of going AWOL while sitting in a holding cell ;)

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  5. Dis nie n probleem! Myne is nie fantasties nie maar ek probeer!:pirate:

    Great! Well good luck, see you abroad. I'm going in as a Sea Spec.

    Hahaha, ja - can imagine that becoming uncomfortable.:shock:
    But that does put my mind at ease thanks.

    What you going in as?
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2013
  6. Haha ja ek sien jy kan nie so goed praat nie ;)

    Going in as (ET) ME - had a last minute change of plan at my PRNC...

    Any clue of a start date yet?

    Back on topic though - be thankful for the dual citizenship - if you only had the SA passport your application would have been postponed until you had been in the UK for 5 years due to the legislation changes.

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  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's worth checking out your status with regard the SA mercenary act prior to joining. Obviously the issue is not one the UK Armed Forces involve themselves with, but it's best to check if you intend returning to South Africa.

    Good luck.
  8. Thanks Ninja, will do.
  9. What Ninja said - I recall a couple of oppos, who were serving in the UK Armed Forces, having some problems when the act came in in about 2007??. Unfortunately I do not know how it was resolved for them.
  10. I need to get a life really I do.

    Looked the act up and had a read this might help maybe..

    Whereas the present Act is silent on the issue of enlistment of South Africans in the armed forces of other states, section 4 of the new Act prohibits such enlistment if performed without the authorisation of the NCACC. Even if such authorisation is granted, it may be revoked by the NCACC if the person to whom the authorisation has been granted takes part in an armed conflict as a member of an armed force other than the National Defence Force of the Republic, and such authorisation contravenes any one of the criteria listed in section 9 of the new Act.
  11. Thank you both,

    If that is the case, where I would have to apply for authorization from the NCACC - which would require authorization from ZA officials regarding my national status and...... Ah stuff and more stuff and lots of paperwork that (and please do not quote me) will take Forever to process through the ZA bureaucratic system.
    Bearing in mind PERSEC ; My AFCO CA knows the rest and I cant wait to join. I may have to renounce my green book at some point to avoid 'inter-national complications'. I have not, and do not intend on crossing any UK lines. See you on the other side!;)

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