Advice Re which branch to pick post HMS Raleigh....

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Giggles79, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi. New to this forum and fairly new to the RNR and I am yet to choose which branch I will try to join.

    With my skills and experience with my Civilian job I could go into one of many. They are:

    Force Protection
    Comms - radio and Community Relations

    We havent had any branch presentations yet, but I am off to HMS Raleigh at the begining of June, and I want to pick one before I go. I am interested in what they each do and how long the training takes post Raleigh. Also which one is most likely to get me deployed after my training is completed....

    Any help gratefully received.
  2. It's rather hard for members of an internet forum to judge what Branch would suit you best as;
    A)We know nothing about you.
    B)The crystal ball ain't working.

    Is there some great rush for you to decide? Surely the whole point of the RNR Branch briefing is to give you all the information so you can make a reasoned decision.
    Just because you're a keen young thruster who wants to deploy doesn't mean you should rush into things.
    There's loads about the roles of the Branches on the official RN website and in the newbies section on here you could perhaps search there and find out for yourself.
    You could stroll down to your local AFcO and have a nice chat or wait for your RNR briefing, either or it might be best for you to be a bit more proactive as you'll be the one lumped with a Branch that might sound great but which you don't enjoy.
    Good luck.
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Being old school I'd have a bit of a shuffty around, work out which branches have the prettiest wrens and then go for it.
  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Int won't usually take you until you have a couple of years in branch to give you wider broadening. Aspire to that as a longer term objective. PM me if you want more details.
  5. RAF surely? 8O
  6. NZ - That's a fair one!!

    Well. The background in Civvy street for this 30yr old chick is based around firearms and Intel, with a load of Community based work projects and getting intel from people and then completing the relevant reports etc.. I also am a Comms supervisor there as well, hence looking at that branch.

    I've looked on the RN website and have spoken to the local AFCO as well. I've seen the DVD's on each branch and they all have clearly been flowered up to try be sold.

    I was hoping to do the community based 'out-reach' work that the RN does, but not sure if they will take Jnr rates, even if they have the relevant experience. I don't want to join that branch and then get put in a call centre somewhere, as I can't do it..

    I've tried doing some digging at Collingwood as that is where I have been told the training centre is, but with no luck so far, hence coming on here and asking.

    I am not fused to do force protection and I would be looking to do the boarding party work, as that is very close to what I do at work, but with cars and people, not boats and ships. I guess that is more Force Protection work. I also get used loads as a female searcher on Ops, which I'd be happy to do with the RN on the boarding parties etc etc

  7. Giggles
    PM inbound!
  8. It doesnt say "join Sea Res!" does it sir?

    P.S. Join Sea Res its great!
  9. don't join seares, join the QARNNS(R)....
  10. To be fair it didn't...

    Thank you for the info...!!
  11. whoop whoop cop alert.....whoop whoop cop alert.
  12. Haa haaa. Thanks Sherlock....!! lol :lol:
  13. I believe we can spot each other from a mile away, esp when we're the same age and I'm guessing here about, oh.... 9/10 years service!!!!
  14. Close. 11. lol. Easy when you know what to look for!

  15. back on topic, I wouldn't be going Sea(res), you'd just be doing the same thing you do at work, except on a boat and wearing DPM.....

    Suggest C.I.S, then Int( if they ever hold a recruitment W/E again in the enar future)

  16. Noted.

    I havent ruled anything out yet, I just wanted to find out more about what the branches I listed actually do routinely, then look at what I can offer them and pick the best one.

    Thanks for the advice though.
  17. PM inbound, with info that Aldis( a CIS SR on here sent me)

    enjoy :wink:
  18. Thanks for that. Interesting reading.

    Reply sent.

  19. The traditional method is to get into the mess and talk to people. In the mess you will get the real story from the grass roots, as well as finding out which braches your unit supports. Which unit?
  20. Giggles,

    Well, we don't run call centres in the RNR as we're not the Indian Navy, so you're safe there.

    Where are you in the country? In addition to looking at an individual branch, it's also good to look at what the strengths are within the unit.

    As far as Int is concerned; you'll need to be in a few years first unless you're in a very exceptional role.


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