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Discussion in 'RFA' started by ukrocks0007, Oct 27, 2013.

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  1. Hi all, I'm ex RN (Air Engineering Mechanic) serving for 7 years before leaving in 2005. Tried working shore side for a month before I had enough and decided to go back to sea (Not that Wafu's went to sea, but never mind ha). I then started on Standby Vessels in the North Sea and worked there for 5 years before moving to Ro-Ro Ferries in Scotland in 2010. I already have STCW95 PSSR, PST, FIRE FIGHTING, EDH, NAV WATCH, CPSC, FIRST AID, FRC, Full AB certificate (since 2007) and only just renewed my ENG1 in September so got 2 years on that.

    There's rumoured takeover talks with my present company, which means we could end up losing some of our benefits if that goes ahead, so I am looking at the RFA as an alternate career. I regularly cover CPO and PO positions when the regular lads (sorry no women on deck where I work) go on their leave so I'm pretty confident I am ready to step up to senior rate already.

    Was just wondering at what level I would join at? from what I've read I would think Seaman Grade 1A. What would be my rate of pay? How quickly would I be eligible for promotion to LH or PO? Would I have to do any training or would I be able to deploy on a ship straight away?

    thank you to anyone who can answer
  2. Could give them a ring they are recruiting sg1 at the moment
    I nicked this from another users post
    Deck Rating (Seaman Grade 1A)

    Salary from £ 25,039 + £3,072 RFA
    Closing date for submission of applications: TBC
    Sift date:
    Interview date: TBC

    Also I believe you would still have to do a bit of training (Not 100% sure, someone who knows this will answer)
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  3. Brilliant! Thanks
  4. Join as SG1A. Pay as above.

    Promotion boards usually require 3 or 4 reports in grade, and sometimes certain adquals, but eligibility for a board is a very different thing to actually getting promoted. The deck department in particular is very competitive/difficult due to the large number of ABs and very small number of LH/PO/CPOs. There is no shortage of ex-commercial ex-bosuns working as ABs in the RFA.

    There isn't any training that would be essential prior to joining your first ship, but they might want to send you on a short RAS rig course at Raleigh, and/or other short courses depending on demand and availability. Probably a BSSC, but it isn't a legal requirement.
  5. Thanks!

    I thought maybe the RAS Rig at Raleigh, did it in 1998 during RN basic so that would be expected. As for BSSC, done that as well, cant really see the point in doing it but I would have no objections, I enjoyed it in the RN. I enjoyed ISSC as well actually! Would quite like to adqual in helicopter operations

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