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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by stujones09, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. hi all, been thinking about this for quite a while and just wanted to hear what some of you might recommend.

    I applied for FAA pilot about 18 months ago, since then ive done my sift/medical/fats etc and managed to pass, however fell short at AIB back in Jan but was given a recommendation to return next year. What I want to weigh up though are my chances, what is the pilot recruitment like currently? ive heard so many wild figures from different candidates and staff, and although the numbers seem to be low I have heard that they are still actively recruiting. So if I happened to get a strong pass in Jan whats the odds of having a place at brnc at somepoint in 2013? I've also been looking at other options such as RM officer, mainly due to the fact that my brother is in RM and he absolutely loves it, of course the phys required for POC and officer training is immense but ive been preparing for that for quite a while now. Would it be an option to try for the RM at AIB or would I need to do other tests, from speaking to a Navy careers adviser at Culdrose whilst on a visit he advised me that at the moment there is a huge demand for RM officers and it would simply be a case of doing a POC if I passed at AIB and then into training. In the mean time I am still working hard on prepping for going back to Pompey and making sure I've learnt from what mistakes I made.
    Thanks for your time and help in advance :)

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  2. Evening Stu
    You seem to have answered your own questions here. Ninja stoker may be able to confirm what the last Royal Navy careers adviser told you, as he is AFCO staff.

    Prepare yourself now for the abuse your bound to get about your possible (unless your name is not Stu jones, of course) Persec booboo.

    Best of luck Ten.
  3. Do you have a girlfriend called Kat? if so, she's looking for you.

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