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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by ELAINEY3, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. I would like to ask all the royal navy veterans out there a few questions . I am trying to find out if any sailor went to the Korean war aged 15 3/4 ? My father wears a Korean medal that he says he earnt but i cannot get my head round it , he was born in 1937 and joined the royal navy in 1952 when he was a 15 yr old boy .He says he was in Korea in 1953 but he was not 16 until October and i do believe that the war ended in july 1953, so this i believe would not be possible. I know that there was an UN peace keeping force as well following the war but would they have had a 16 year old boy onboard a ship ? please put my mind at rest about this , there are many more questions but this is the one that i have to clear up first.
    Many thanks
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You need to put some details of you Father up, such as what branch of the RN was he in, what ship was he serving on and if you can get it his official number.

    16 year olds went everywhere in those days, things have changed nowadays so that people are supposed to be over 18?? before they go into a war zone.
  3. on my birth certificate he is down as able seaman C/MX 911491 , I understand that he may well have been in the un force after what you say but 15 in the war zone ? even then i find that hard to believe even then and he didnt join until 1952.
  4. Note the part which says that eligibility extended up to a year after the Panmunjom truce, so that means that your father would be eligible.
  5. Hello Elainey,
    I too joined (as a junior of 16, not a boy) in 1952, in fact my official number, 916xxx, is not too far removed from your Dad's.
    As far as I am aware, there was at the time no embargo on under age ratings serving in war zones, and as the medal conditions, posted by Sol, state, he could have earned his medal by serving in Japanese waters and not in the actual shooting zone.
    A few years previously, HMS Amethyst was under, and returning, fire in the Yangtse Incident (very good film if you get a chance to see it), and there was certainly a full complement of Boy Seamen aboard at the time.

    As an aside, I was under the impression that all medals awarded after WWII would have had the recipient's name, ship, and official number engraved round the edge, I may be wrong but there are a few medal "boffins" on this site who will no doubt correct me if this is so.
    I hope you are successful in your search. Bring on the questions, this site loves 'em.

    Best wishes,
  6. ok another question , i have been told he was invalided out of the navy in 1962 following an injury sustained playing football , he tells me that he then re-inlisted in 1963 and he says he went to belize as part of the SBS/SAS ? and was injured by shrapnel ? not sure about any off this and also he was in northern ireland , i am sorry gents but this all seems a bit walter mitty ! anybody shed any light on any off this xx
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is he from Devon?

    I'm not sure when British Honduras (sP) became Belize but I thought it was nearer 1970
  8. He said he was injured in 1964 , but my point is if you leave the navy as an able seaman how can you then rejoin as a member of the SAS/SBS , correct me if i am wrong but do you not get picked and have to undergo special training ? he is from Greenwich but i was born in portsmouth where he was based in 1960
  9. He is probably lying.
  10. thank you i really thought i was going mad , he is trying to convince his 5th wife he is a "war" hero but he is doing this by trying to convince me i have no proper memories of my childhood which i have very very clear memories , it is going to be hard to convince her but i KNOW i am sane and he is lying , thank you , my heros x
  11. He is 75ish and on his fifth wife, dont know about hero but the mans a trier.
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  12. Love your Father for what he does for you and yours, not what he tells you. A few untruths can't hurt unless they get out of hand, we all exaggerate a bit!

    PS I have a 12 inch c*** (4" girth) if your free for lunch tomorrow.:wink:
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  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Kind of sounds like it mucker.

    To the OP. Do you actually get on with your father? I'm only asking as you seem to want to out him as a walt. Loads of people beef up their service history but not many claim to be SAS/SBS/49 Para/Underwater Kife Fighting Commando.
  14. Dirty boy, get on the naughty step
  15. You are correct in that you have to join the Army/RM to be special forces (in those days). What was the injury? I can't see how you can get invalided out then re-join, especially as SF.
  16. He left my mother with 3 children in the early 70,s and when i found him he denied any knowledge of having a daughter and he also told his wife she was his second wife not his 5th and he told her he was orphaned at 5/6 all of which were lies , i have proved evidence to say that i am his daughter ( i was 14 when he left) so he could not deny he knew about me , he says he was injured playing football and has a metal plate in his head, he has told her that he was injured in Belieze in 1964 , but he was with my mother and me and my brothers all through the 60,s , He has said that he joined the SAS/SBS and was posted all around the world during this time normally 8/10 weeks at a time , he has said that he was blown up and has shrapnel in his stomach , yes he carries a scar on his abdomen but he had an ulcer removed , he is a con man and the poor woman that he is with will be made a laughing stock as she is a chairman of her local british legion , she bought him replacement medals ! as he told her he had lost them , they are the Korean medal and a medal for action in northern ireland , so you see there is no love lost but i am not going to be made a fool off
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fair enough. By the way, the NI medal is a General Service Medal with a Northern Ireland clasp. It's not a medal for "action". Also, which did he claim to be in, the SAS or SBS? He can't be claiming to have been in both surely?
  18. You sound like a woman with a million issues. I specialise in the broken. Fancy a fúck?
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