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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by caseyric, May 28, 2010.

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  1. Hello there, so im thinking about applying to royal navy. Im currently out of work and in some ebt (around 2500). I have defulted on my bank account and credit card and i am currently sorting out a DRO (debt relief order) to get my out this sticky situation, is this going to stop me from entering the navy?

    thanks in advance.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  3. a debt releif order freezes all debts for a year, or untill my circumstances change (ie a new career) and payment methods can be set up to fit around me. so aslong as i have afforable outgoingss it should be ok? im nealy 21 if that makes a difference.
  4. reading into that post. my outgoings each month are somthing along lines of 200 and i live with my parents so. fingers crossed gonna ring my local branch now.
  5. I managed to put a lad into the RN with a debt relief order. His outgoings were roughly the same as yours. Get along to your nearest office and get the process underway.


  6. Caseyric

    If you give them a buzz beforehand, they might be able to fit you in when they do their weekly Introductory Presentation. Contact details here:
  7. so i have an appointment at with citizens advice on monday to get my debt relief oder underway. really hope this dosent effect my chances in the RN. this is what i need to get my life back on the right path.
  8. Are they open on Monday, CaseyRic? It's a Bank Holiday.
  9. oh yeah great. i guess its tuesday then and ill leave luton till midweek. WIll i ahve to already have started my debt relief order before making my application or can it be sorted during the process. becasue i no the DRO isnt instant
  10. CaseyRic

    I would suggest ringing the Navy Careers Advisors in Luton when they open again on Tuesday morning, to ask them if they have a spare space for next week's Introductory Presentation. I'm suggesting ringing first thing on Tuesday, in case they hold them on Tuesdays.
  11. Ok ill do that first thing tuesday morning. im just getting really scared about the hole debt situation, seeing as it is my own stupid fault but im trying to better myself.

    I have had nothing but good feedback fom these forums, so im hoping that it ont stop me from doing what i have alwasy wanted to do.

    IF worst comes to worst im gonna get a job in mcdonalds to pay them off!
  12. With the long waiting list, you might as well find a job to pay the bills while you wait to join up. This way it will also look good on you also
  13. been job hunting for past few months with no luck.only have warehouse and waiting experience. i didnt want to do it but fast food is an easy option and tbh if it helps me with my career for the future i dont have a care in the world.
  14. I would suggest, CaseyRic, that, when you ring them on Tuesday morning, you also say that you need to have a word with them about your debt situation. That way, it's all upfront, right from the beginning.

    Actually, you do need to be aware that there is a waiting list of at least several months for practically every job in the Navy at the moment, as Tommo says, so it's worth finding something to keep you going jobwise, if you can, while you wait.
  15. I spoke to them yesterday and the man i spoke to said somthing about less that 6k debt so getting this DRO freezes them so i dont recieve any charges untill i can start paying them back.
  16. deffinatly dont plan on staying unemployed throughout the join process. id drive myself crazy.
  17. already looked into a few places, including that website. been out of work a few months now and its really taking its toll on everything.
  18. I'm sorry to hear that, CR.

    Chin up!

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