advice please

hi all
just need some advice, i don't know if you have heard. but on the 31st january the civil serivce has voted to go on strike. at the moment i currently work as a civil servant. (saw the light, applied to join the RN)
the question i have is
if i support my work mates and go on strike with them would it affect my application into the RN? i want to support them, i know that i wil be leaving them but they are still my mates.
any advice would greatly be Appreciated.



providing your protest is legal and peaceful it will have no impact on your service career at all - dont worry.


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I agree with above, you have nothing to fear so long as you're not dressed as a raghead shouting inflamatory slogans. Unions are enshrined into English law so feel free to show solidarity with your fellow workers - whilst you have the chance!


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Why don't you take a days leave on the day of the strike??

That way you would not be crossing the "picket line" by going into work and you would not be taking part in the strike by staying away from work


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We in the UK have the democratic right to vote for a Government and to have a peaceful demonstration. If more people exercised these rights we might not be in such a state now...


According to a notice appearing on FleetWeb,

If you are a member of the PCS then going on strike will be official. You will lose 1 day pay and pension time, but will not face disciplinary action and it should not affect your future RN service.

If you are not a member of PCS, then your strike will be unofficial - you may face disciplinary action in addition to the 1 day lost. Unclear whether it would affect your RN service.

Taking the day off as leave will usually be treated as striking if you apply after the union has made the date public. You could throw a sickie, but will need a doctor's note.

Hope this helps.
thanx guys, still not sure what i am going to do. to be honest, you seem to know more than the rep does (bit scary!!).
but thanx for the advice.