Advice please



My son has completed the application process and is just waiting for his Security Clearance and a joining date ...
He had a call from the AFCO to tell him that the Security Clearance Form he posted back to them over 1 month ago is lost! He is waiting for a new form to complete and return - we shall send it back Recorded Delivery. Do you think this lost time will be added to the approximate waiting time of 8 months for a Seaman Specialist? Or will the wait time start from the commencement of his application?


From the time of his application, methinks.
I really don't like the way these people "lose" things, especially information like this....Shambolic indeed!


Well, they have now 'found' the form, but suddenly the waiting list has gone from the 8 months they told my son about to 15 months! It all seems a bit vague to me :? I don't think i'll tell him about that as he will be very disappointed with a longer wait .... hopefully, they are wrong!

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