Advice please on psycho test..


Lantern Swinger
Hi guys,

Going to re-take my psychometric test in mid- June for my Mine Clearance Diver. I missed the last one by 8 marks! harsh i know!.

You guys know any good sites or books that have got alot of good past paper questions?

Many thanks
I went to the Library and got a book on aptitude tests and although some idiot had written all over it with ink pen I found it useful to re-write the questions on paper and complete all of them in the times set.

If you feel you are weak on any particular subject make sure you concentrate on that area, for example I am not so good with maths and I’m 25 now so it's been a while since I was at school so I also took out a GCSE revision book which must of gone in my favour as I passed the test and I did feel more confident about it all as I did ample research.

Some Resources I used:

Good Luck


Lantern Swinger
Thanks guys, yeah i am too sketchy on maths. They recommended me to do a course with Learn Direct to brush on me maths, so im doing that right now should help. But its like you said its the Time that kills you lol.

Thanks for them resources :)

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