Advice/Paths into the FAA?

Hello all, firstly let me start by saying that I have little prior knowledge about the process of joining the forces and that I will appreciate advice and constructive criticism in equal measure. I have long wanted to join the fleet air arm and train as a pilot but have never thought it would be something achievable for a number of reasons. First of all i'm currently 22 years of age which is getting on for joining up (or so i'm told) also i do not meet the entry requirements for a pilot due to a complete lack of any UCAS points, I shal not bore you with my reasons but its safe to say its not a lack of ability that was my issue, regardless the situation i find myself in is that if i were to want to join I would need to pull 180 ucas points from thin air within the next 2 academic years. My question is thus, are there any paths to eventualy become a pilot with the faa by joining as another role and working there, or have any of you been in similar circumstances and have any advise as to how to go about obtaining the required points.

I do realise that with out meeting the required criteria that it is not possible to apply directly as a pilot, however at this time I feel that if I do not go for this 120% now that I may never have the chance to do so again. I am completely committed to getting there but at the moment I cant seem to find any path to follow.

Thank you in advance for your time.
2 years? I got my A Levels in 2 years, why can't you?

There is no other way of becoming a pilot in the FAA. On the plus side, we're not recruiting for them right now, so it offers a double bonus in going to get your A Levels.

Pick subjects you enjoy but are demanding. Although, as this is the FAA we're talking about, "Gel-ing", "Advanced Gel-ing" and "Lets talk about me" might fit the bill precisely...
Thank you for your reply.

It is my intention to go for some A-levels or smiler value qualifications over the next 2 years, unfortunately due to me being in full time employment to support my family at the moment I am concerned about finding the time, but as i said I will do what ever it takes. I am also looking to start some volunteering for the regional mountain rescue service. Are there any particular subject areas or any kind of experience that will be seen as favourable ?
Welcome to Rum Ration, VP.

I would suggest looking at the website for your local college this week and checking out the part-time A Level courses, as places get taken up very quickly.

Be sure to check that you have the GCSEs you will need, too.

It would be worthwhile calling in to see your nearest RN Careers Advisors for an informal chat, as well.

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