Advice on supplement program?


I am looking at a few different options, just wanted some input. I just hit 51, still work out daily. Looking for I guess a combo of a testosterone boost, with strength and endurance/recovery increase to maintain my regimen. Has anyone tried bdg performance labs, the first thing that came up when I search this seems to fit just want some more input from the gurus before I buy lol. Any other options you guys subscribe to? I want something effective as well as safe of course.


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Guinness full of vitamins, iron & nutrients, pasty full of smiles, carbs, fat & protein, what more could you wish for. Not the hangover and black poo?


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Best thing to do, I'm presuming you're currently serving, get onto

That website has a list of approved safe supplements that RN are OK to use. Chances are if a supp says it'll increase your test production it's either lying or it's a steroid, best way to increase available testosterone is healthy lifestyle, work out regularly, have a revised food plan and sleep for around 8 hours a night!

Alotlf people knock BCAAs but honestly Branch Chain Amino Acids make up protein, aid in recovery, maintenance and everything so give them a try, ratio of 2:1:1 for the best possible intake

Hope that helps?

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