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3. I have no ideas about waiting times however the SM and General roles are vastly different and you missed out the possiblility of MA(RM)!

I did do a little research on this but I read that the Royal Marines didn't train MA's anymore and once you were trained as a Navy MA you could attempt a easier/watered down version of the All Arms Commando Course and then serve with the RM's. But then again I read this on a forum like The student Room or Yahoo Answers so I don't know how reliable that is.

General Service MA's spent time in the hospitals (Haslar / Stonehouse) and manned Sick Bay's ashore and afloat. Large ships (Carriers / LSG's etc) had a full Medical Team eg Dr, CPOMA, POMA, LMA's and MA's while the small ships (Frigates/Destroyers) had an LMA or POMA and unless you were on a big deployment you were on your own ... no Dr - therefore a lot of responsibility - the buck stopped with you.

SM MA's in my day were only on the nukes as O Boats were still running and covered the Sick Bay as well as the Nuclear Physics side of things.

Thanks for the insight MG Maniac, this is exactly what I was looking for MG Maniac. I'll have to do a bit more research on which role may suit me more (if I'm lucky enough to get that far).


That is absolute bollocks, and you want to watch that no Cdo trained MAs catch you saying that!!!!!

It's a good thing I can get the facts on here before meeting any :) I did'nt mean to cause any offence, I should probably take less notice off Yahoo and the like.

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