advice on driving with four bald tyres

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Nails, May 20, 2009.

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  1. I have to drive my car til the end of this month before the MOT and tax runs out. I refuse to spend any money on it in the meantime because in less than 2 weeks it's getting scrapped. It's a right bag of crap tho. It's an old astra and basically it's f'ucked up. The exhause has a massive hole in it and so is making a really loud noise, both wing mirrors are missing and it's leaking oil like mad. But the biggest problem are the tyres. They've basically been run down bald. On the left hand side ones the wires within the tyre are sticking through they're that bad. The right hand side isn't much better.

    I've basically got to drive it til the end of the month though as I need to get about when I'm picking up and dropping off. Any advice on how to drive this safely? I've started sliding a bit when I take corners fast in the rain. How is best to drive a car with bald tyres? What techniques do you use? And what excuse would you give if you get pulled by the Five O?
  2. For you Nails, drive at max chat, in the wet, towards an immovable object
  3. I'd just boot a hole in the floor (from the sounds of it it wouldn't be that hard) and shout Yabadabadooo everytime you set off. You'd be doing your bit for the enviroment that way as well.
  4. I would advise drive it in torrential rain very fast and kill your fucki£g self you fuckin great ********.But do it on an Empty road so you do not kill any decent person .which you Cleary are not TWAT
  5. Don't be a prat and park the car up NOW. Believe me you will never ever forgive yourself if you slide off a road and kill someone. Think also if that someone is a kid what delights await you in jail from your fellow inmates............
  6. To a mod cant this fuckin idiot be fucked off?????
  7. I don't know why some of you are having a go at me. If I was iresponsible and didn't cxare I wouldn't be on here asking for advice, i'd just drive like a normally do. I can't just park the car up because i need it for business.
  8. Pimping Mrs. Nails out....? Do it on foot mate, that way aftr she's been fcuked every which way you won't have to pay out some of the meager profits on a hefty fine. Pimping yourself out? Find public toilets in walking distance lazy cnut.
  9. Don't worry about them mate. You just carry on, some of these lot have been done for drink driving before and that's really irresponsible. Tyres and MOTs and that are just a con to get money out of you. F1 cars don't have any grip and they do 200mph so you'll be fine.
  10. Just crawl back under whatever rock you came from. I have to wonder how much this s**t you spout is actually true and how much is your sick twisted little life. if it's a creation, you just need to piss off. if it isn't, your not safe to be let out of the door let alone with anything vaguely pointy.
  11. Drive car really fast towards edge of cliff and see if brakes work........... oh dear they didn't .......oh well.... anyone for a curry??
  12. I shouldn't worry about the police giving you grief about the state of your tyres, if you get stopped they'll be more concerned about what someone like yourself is doing behind the wheel. You surely don't hold a valid driving license, do you?
  13. Mate i've been driving for 10 years.
  14. You bit.
  15. Sorry, from reading your posts i figured you were 15 max, or mental.
  16. Same car?

  17. No mate I used to drive a ferrari.
  18. Let me guess.......You traded it in three months ago
    for this pile of crap.


  19. Trolls trolling trolls :lol:
  20. im sorry but are u an idiot? what chances do u think ur gonna have of getting in the forces if u get stopped? or have an accident? fuckin hell im 20 and i wouldnt drive a car about in this state for fear of other peoples safety let alone my own

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