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Hi, I've been interested in joining the navy for a while but I'm having a hard time deciding which career would best suit me. Most of the jobs available to me interest me in some way, but I have been encouraged by my parents to choose something that will allow me to easily find a job outside of the navy if I were to leave, and they have suggested student naval nurse. As much as this seems interesting to me, I don't want to be stuck in a room all day and want to do more hands on, physical work and to be at sea often, I'm not sure how much of this I will get as a student naval nurse as I can't find much information on this or their typical day.

I previously wasn't too bothered by the fact that I might not be able to find a job easily if I were to choose one of the more specific jobs as I am really interested in this, but ever since what my parents have said, I'm starting to question myself.

If anyone could share any information/experience, or suggestions of other careers that would allow me to do this, or any general advice on this topic, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


If a more hands-on job is something you're looking for, engineering could be worth a look at
If you're wanting a job with transferrable skills to civvy street, I'd personally suggest Marine Engineer


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Choosing a career is really one you will have to search both heart and recruiting offices. It really is down to what you want to do and what you are capable of doing. Mechanical, administration, etc.

As for careers after the service. Many manage to continue in similar trades. Likewise, many of us found ourselves in totally different careers. What the forces will give is the confidence to be good at whatever we turn our hands to. Everyones mind set is different, some strive for a trade, some for promotion others - money. Some will give you any combination of all.

Choose wisely before you start training as you will find changing once you start more difficult.

Good luck, start looking at what the Navy can offer you. (A trip to the recruiting office would be a good place to start).


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ME, WE or WAFU, maybe officer if you have the grades, but they don't tend to be hands on.
Officers tend to be department manager or project manager, earlier in their career than ratings.


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You don't state your age, but I'm guessing 15/16 which is a terrible age in all sorts of ways, future career being but one.

My parents wanted me to go to Uni. Me? I wanted to be a 'sailor'.

Within the Navy there is a plethora of jobs. As in ANY career/job you will start at the very bottom. Yep, true but harsh. However, in the RN by working hard you can pull yourself up much faster, indeed, many branches have 'accelerated' schemes for 'good' people. You also don't state your qualifications, gained or anticipated, as this can also impact your and the Navy's decisions.

Do you like medical stuff? Have you ever aspired to be a medical type person? If so, then why change? I would think that as a student nurse you'll be getting LOTS of hands on experience..... those bed-pans won't empty themselves! If not really, then either bin it right off or think about it. If you have a mechanical bent, then be aware it will be quite a while before you are let loose on any expensive gear on your own. If lucky, you might get to hold the Chief's tools for a while!

Bottom line - don't do what your parents or others want, (job wise) unless it aligns with your hopes and aspirations. Think about yourself - it's going to be your life for a considerable time - hopefully!