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Going to a medical board later this year and am stuck on the NSMBOS form 3 which is the personal statement of options i.e. do i want to stay in etc.

i am a level 5 PO and am in the first year of 2OE5 so have 4 years left.

If i select i would like to be invalided out i would get a medical pension - is this pension tax free and index linked? and financially would i be better off selecting this option and leaving the services early?

Don't get me wrong i would like to stay in the RN but if i get a permanent med cat i will get drafted away from where i would like to stay and i think i may be better leaving and chancing it.

No one has any info on med boards where i am, the department dealing with it is 7 weeks behind schedule due to manpower shortage and people changing, and have very little info.


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I was MBOS'd for the last 4 yrs of my carreer. I wanted to stay in and reflected that in my personal statement. If you are discharged, as far as i remember, if you awarded any % of disability then your pension becomes non taxable (I may be wrong and the rules may have changed since then (2001)).
Hope this of some help to you, I'm sure angry doc will be along sometime to shed some light/advice on your situation.

Good luck

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