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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JakeD, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. So I passed my fitness test back in November. The lady who administered the test was supposed to post the results to AFCO, but they called me to ask why I hadn't booked the test yet yesterday, so they obviously haven't heard.
    But I called them back to say I had taken the test. So they basically said, 'Oh, okay. Yeah, if you send us your copy of the results, we'll get your application moving again.'
    And that's the problem. I don't have my copy. I know my results, and I saw no reason to keep it extra-special safe, so I showed my dad, who asked to borrow it to show his dad, and then I kinda lost track of it.
    But I assumed it was still on someone's radar, so as far as AFCO are concerned, it's on its way to them.
    What do I do? Am I at fault for not keeping my copy?
  2. Some will probably say you are at fault but I never kept mine. Doesn't sound like a huge deal though. Head along to the gym where you did the RNFT and try to speak to the lady that witnessed your test. Hopefully she'll have a copy still. Worst case scenario you'll have to do another 2.4km run - not the end of the world. In fact, take your running gear to the gym with you just incase.
  3. I know this isn't helpful, but why didn't you keep it at least marginally safe? the sports centre are meant to email the results to the AFCO pretty much straight away (and presumably scan/send their written copy?); did you not think to chase it up when you hadn't heard anything for a while? Anyhow, have you contacted the place you did the test yet? They should have a copy, as it was only in Nov cannot imagine it has been chucked away yet. This should be a lesson, although the lady should have sent the results through, end of the day it is your application- your responsibility at least in part.

    Good luck!
  4. Wow, that was a long message from Rachelthree basically telling you that you [email protected]&#ed up with no new helpful advice at all... That's the thing with RR. For everyone one genuine message of advice you're always going to get another 6 that just want to have a dig.
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  5. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Life in a blue one.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
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  6. Actually nearish the end is said to contact the sports centre to see if they have their copy on file- useful. Not new as you said it but thats what the OP needs to do first
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  7. Just give her a stiff ignoring she is just a civi after all.
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  8. It kind of is a big deal:

    Something to learn early. Keep your RNFT chits as the swingers can be somewhat 'relaxed' about updating it to JPA and it's your only proof. This goes for everything. Protect your interests, keep your shit, look after yourself.

    The amount of times I've seen people **** themselves over through gash admin, not keeping records and not checking JPA. It's cost some people promotion and even their job.
  9. I can only stress this comment due to experience. I had to find all my daughters stuff after it was found HMS Raleigh had entered her quaifications wrong on her JPA causeing all sorts of problems when going for promotion. If I hadnt kept all of her records safe and together It would have been a nightmare getting all the docs to JPA for the correct updates. All sorted now. Dont expect admin to actually do something correctly, it might come back and bite you on the arse later.
  10. She's kind of hot though.
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  11. Yes, I did. I did think to keep it safe, and I did as much as I could without following whoever had it around and asking them to give it back every two minutes.
    I also thought to call the gym (did that earlier - they'll call me back, apparently), but I didn't want to do that until I knew it wasn't a bad move.
    Thank you for the advice. Yours was the response that persuaded me to ring them up again.
  12. I genuinely didn't mean it just to make a dig, i do hope you get it resolved but i have been in the crap before at work for mislaying something and it meant i missed out on a lot of money! I am sure they still have it and your application shall be rolling once more :)
  13. Danny i got excited when i read 'give her a stiff' then was heartily dissapointed in the last bit, thought it was an exciting invite.
  14. janner

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    You can see where MLP is coming from in her latest pic danny :hump:
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  15. I think i look good, my wellies are creepy sickkkk
  16. Hmmm makes me wonder why your PJFT isn't done at your AFCO like mine was. Not only do you not have to rely on your gym passing on your results it's also done on the road. So when it comes to road running at your PRNC or at HMS Raleigh you know you can do it. Just saying....
  17. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Makes me wonder why your AFCO does not utilise a gym where they will have calibrated gym equipment to ensure everyone is running the same distance in a similar and safe environment whatever the weather.

    Road running does have a greater chance of reducing the number of applicants and keeping wait lists down if they get run over I suppose.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
  18. That has just brightened my day with a laugh thanks a lot ExJ
  19. bollocks she is way too fit to even think about being a wren. No way she would ever get a proper wrens arse.
  20. They do have a gym......
    When i say road i mean a path that goes around the outside of the road/grass within the Barracks. Used for the T.A to do their run on. You would have a hard time getting your car around the route. Im sure it's measured out fine, i doubt their going to have us run any distance.
    I was only wondering fs.

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