Advice needed

Hi to all,

I am currently serving in the R.N as Petty Officer (cissm) and am considering leaving to join RFA.
So to that end am looking for any info on the type of jobs available to someone with comms info and systems background as well as serving as a engineering mechanic for first 8 years in mob...
1. what would the best route be?
2. would i have to start at AB level again?
3. would officer be worthwhile route and if so what quals needed?

any & all info much appreciated

thanks in advance... :) :)
I'll pull no punches, you'll be starting on the bottom rung of the ladder mate.

A lot of ex navy lads think they can join the RFA and be 'fast tracked' to their old jobs (CPO's, PO's etc). Doesn't happen, and frustration can occur.

Go on and trawl around there, there's a mine of info there.

Look out on there for a poster named 'junior'. He's n RFA recruiter, or was, he'll help you immeasarably.

Good luck.
pocis - sorry for the delay in replying. I dont normally follow this site that regulary. In answer to your q's;

1. Best route in CR2 (once you send in your application it may be fast tracked eg, You do not do the CR2 training)
2. Yes, youll start as a sprog, however you may find you get to LH or PO quicker than someone who was not ex-RN.
3. The RFA dont normally recruit externally for Comms Officers. There is however a Rating to Officer route which is there for those who want it.

I normally hang on Toysoutofthepram, lots of info on there.

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