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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by CoolBreeze, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. Hi

    I need some advice and although I appreciate this is a public forum, disclaimers, don't know who you are talking to etc, I also know there are a fair amount of legitimate experts on here!

    In brief, type II talar fracture in 2008. Surgically repaired and after a lengthy recovery period and metalwork being removed (at RN request) am now fitter than ever have been. Report from surgery was good, no issues, asymptomatic. Latest fitness test (not RN - done elsewhere) shows an average VO2 of 58.4. I am able to run, row, swim, cycle, cross train, weight train and I am playing rugby again (which caused the injury). No pain, no problems, no mobility issues, no range of movement issues.

    End of 2009 I was passed medically fit by local doctor but this has been overturned by Portsmouth. No reason yet known but they are trying to find out so that I can mount an appeal if I wish. Current rating is therefore P8.

    I have been trying to get on with an RNR career for over 3-4 years now but various issues (work, moving and then medical) have delayed it. I've stayed motivated throughout and if this is truely the end, I will be well and truely miffed!

    Any thoughts? Happy to have them via PM if better that posting here.

  2. Answered by PM. Anyone else with similar probs then please PM me.
  3. Thanks angrydoc. Bit more history PM-ed back. Hope you don't mind my exploiting your knowledge! :wink:

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