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My son has just been discharged from his training in navy with BR3 (1)
He was caught smoking once and got a tier 1 disapline , he was then called in again for smoking when he actually did not do it but his team leader said she saw him, it has come to light there has been a lot of bullying in there , my son did not put a case together to defend himself as he was so shocked what was happening , only when he has hit home the realisation has hit him , he has an 18 month ban to rejoin the navy , Will this stop him from applying for the army as Military is all he has ever wanted to do .
Hmmm… don’t know the ins and outs of this particular case but recruiting someone, going through the significantly burdensome hoops to get them in, security clearing them, issuing kit and scheduling their place on all the follow on specialist career training (that can’t be back filled if the person is no longer there) is very expensive to the MoD. Getting thrown out, at any level, even during training, is unbelievably hard to do, requires an unreal amount of admin (and even then the individual can make a complaint, and are usually encouraged to do so) and is therefore not something that the RN does whimsically. If he thinks he has been wronged then he has 3 months to submit a complaint from the date he was wronged - even after he has left. He can go straight to the Armed Forces ombudsman- an independent body.

Or it could just be that he is pulling the Woolly pulley over your eyes.

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