ADVICE NEEDED re relationship

Hi thanks for reading my post if anyone can help me id be really grateful....
So... im online dating some who says he is in the navy.. not on the ships, like training up recruits and works in an office.
Im trying to figure out if hes genuine or not, he wanta to meet up and has request for leave abd told me short term leave is 3 months and long term is 6 months is this correct, i have children so need to be sure hes genuine.
Is there anything i could ask that would help me clear this up better.
Also hasnt called me ever only messaged as said he not allowed to call due to security. If anyone can help me id be very grareful


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Definitely seems dodgy. Ask him what establishment he is at and what subject he is instructing.
Then come back on here and see who else has contacts at this establishment.
A photo would help.


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For potential PERSEC reasons, no photos.

But agree with the others - sounds like a player and not a stayer.


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Ask him what his job title is and what Navy he is in, this doesn't sound like the RN but could be, at a push the RFA.

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