Advice Needed Please???

Having a slight dilemma,

I originally put in my officer application over 18 months ago before it was necessary for potential officer candidates to sit the recruitment tests.
Went along to my AIB July just gone but failed it however the board president was very complementary and positive and in his report stated that I was to be encouraged strongly to retake in 12 months.
His other suggestion was to join the RNR in the meantime to improve the areas I was flagging in before, which I have done, however, I had to fill in all the same paperwork again but this time had to sit the recruitment test.
I did this today and even though the rest were credible results my numeracy, I was told, wasn't officer standard and even though I can progress with the RNR I would have to resit the recruitment tests in 12 months in order to even redo my AIB.
But had I not have applied to join the RNR to build up the areas I needed too I wouldn't have needed to take and now retake recruitment tests to have retaken my AIB.
Have I seriously now shot myself in the foot by opting to join the RNR, has I will have to wait even longer now to retake my AIB, which I wouldn't have needed to previously.
Advice please?


Lantern Swinger
Not being harsh or anything mate, but its best that you are told now youre not officer standrad in numeracy before getting to AIB and flunking the computer based psychometric tests. The recruitment tests were introduced for officer candidates in an effort to stop so many failing AIB (or so Im told).
If, however youre set on a commission, Id take some courses to improve numeracy and then apply to AIB.


War Hero
Had you wished to re-sit AIB, having not passed selection at the last attempt, you would have had to sit the Recruiting Test this time around anyway.

Had you not taken it for RNR, you would then have had to wait 12 months after taking it prior to attending the pre-AIB sift interview.


Lantern Swinger
Matt you should consider the rating route, no harm in that. At least its a career with good prospects, I think that waiting another year to sit the recruitment test might be a bit soul destroying tbh.

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